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40 Under 40: Remle P. Crowe, PhD (ESO – Austin, TX)

40 Under 40 nominees were selected based on their contributions to the American Ambulance Association, their employer, state ambulance association, other professional associations, and/or the EMS profession.

Remle P. Crowe, PhD
Research Scientist & Performance Improvement Manager
Austin, TX

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Nominated by: Amanda Riordan


Dr. Remle Crowe is an expert in using data to power quality improvement and research initiatives in EMS. Remle’s career in EMS began as a volunteer EMT and instructor in Mexico City with the Red Cross. During that time, Remle also worked as a Power-train Quality Engineer at Ford Motor Company, where she received black belt training in Six Sigma quality improvement methodology. From truck clutches to clinical care, Dr. Crowe has shown how improvement science and sound research methodology work to solve problems across any field. As an EMT with a passion for advancing EMS, Remle earned her PhD in Epidemiology and has authored numerous peer-reviewed publications. Now, as a research scientist and performance improvement manager at ESO, Dr. Crowe routinely uses data to improve community health and safety.

Reason for Nomination:

As an EMS researcher, Remle is dedicated to improving the health and safety of communities (and those who serve them) using data. Remle has authored many peer-reviewed studies on topics related to clinical care and safety, such as ketamine in the prehospital environment and pediatric medication dosing errors. Remle’s work on prehospital stroke assessment for large vessel occlusion received the award for Best Scientific Presentation at the annual meeting of the National Association of EMS Physicians in January 2020. Remle has also worked on many research studies related to the health and safety of the EMS workforce. Topics that Remle has studied include violence towards EMS professionals, clinical performance feedback, and diversity in the EMS workforce. Remle’s dissertation work related to factors associated with burnout in EMS was awarded Best Research at the 2018 International EMS Scientific Symposium.

Remle is also dedicated to supporting and mentoring new researchers. Remle is an active participant in the Prehospital Care Research Forum (PCRF) and routinely serves as faculty for the bi-annual PCRF-ESO research workshops. Remle also facilitates the monthly PCRF journal club podcast that helps promote and disseminate the latest prehospital research, while helping EMS professionals learn to read and critique scientific manuscripts.

In addition to helping advance EMS research, Remle has been an important contributor to quality improvement efforts in EMS. EMS is at a pivot point, moving from using data for compliance to leveraging data for improvement. Remle has joined those leading the charge, now in her third year as faculty on the National Association of EMS Physicians’ Quality and Safety Course. In this course, participants embark on a year-long journey to make real, measurable improvement at their EMS organizations following the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Model for Improvement framework. As a self-proclaimed data nerd, Remle is committed to breaking things into their simplest parts and removing the intimidation factor from research and improvement science to help members of the EMS community define and focus on measures that matter.


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40 Under 40, ESO, Texas

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