On Demand Presentation: Emergency Medical Services and 911

Healthcare Resilience Task Force: EMS/911 May 29, 2020 Dr. Jon Krohmer, NHTSA, HRTF EMS/Pre-hospital Team Lead Kate Elkins, NHTSA, HRTF EMS/Pre-hospital Deputy Team Lead 911, the universal number to call for emergency help nationwide, is a proven, life-saving service to the public. NHTSA’s Office of EMS oversees the National 911 Program, which envisions an emergency response system that best serves the public, providing immediate help in all emergency situations. This presentation covered the current Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Environment, Impacts and Next Steps for EMS in regards to COVID-19, and EMS and Fire Impacts on Community Lifelines.    

EMS by the Numbers: Impact of COVID-19

May 21, 2020 Presentation by N. Clay Mann PhD, MS, MBA NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center This document is provided by NHTSA in an effort to help State EMS Officials track particular EMS activations occurring during the COVID‐19 pandemic. This document will be updated periodically to provide current information regarding temporal variations in the type and characteristics of EMS activations occurring in the U.S. during the COVID‐19 outbreak. Please contact the NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center for updates to this document. Contact N. Clay Mann at clay.mann@hsc.utah.edu.

Ambulance Industry Journal Archives

Calling all mobile healthcare history buffs! In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the American Ambulance Association, check out the archives of the Ambulance Industry Journal, the association’s magazine in the 1990s-2000s. You might just see some familiar faces in action! Dropbox link to archives: https://ems.zone/aijarchives...

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