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On Demand: 2022 AAA/Newton 360 Ambulance Industry Employee Turnover Survey Webinar

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By Scott Moore

Join Scott Moore, the AAA Human Resources & Operations Consultant for this important HR series webinar that examines the 2022 American Ambulance Association/Newton 360 EMS Turnover Study results. Recruitment and retention have proven to be the greatest challenge facing EMS agencies around the country. The inability to find and retain a qualified EMS workforce is posing the greatest threat to ensure that EMS services can “answer the call” in their communities. This year’s study included a look at how the continued COVID-19 pandemic impacted EMS turnover, as well as, our first time collecting data on the number of reported vacancies by position within EMS agencies that completed the survey. During the session, we will review the survey results and will provide suggested strategies these workforce challenges.

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