On Friday, the House Ways & Means and Education & Labor Committees released their respective draft proposals on balance or “surprise” billing. The Ways and Means Committee proposal, the Consumer Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills Act, does not include a provision on ground ambulance services, but the AAA is requesting language to clarify that non-emergency interfacility ambulance transports are not inadvertently covered under the bill. The proposal by the Education & Labor Committee entitled The Ban Surprise Billing Act, however, does include a provision that would restrict ground ambulance service suppliers from balance billing. The Ban Surprise Billing Act would create a federal advisory committee comprised of various federal agency, ambulance industry, insurance and consumer representatives to develop restrictions on balance billing. The Secretary of Health and Human Services would then promulgate regulations based on the recommendations of the advisory committee. The Education & Labor Committee is scheduled to mark-up their bill tomorrow, Tuesday, February 11, and the Ways & Means Committee will consider their legislation on Wednesday, February 12. The AAA has communicated to the Education & Labor Committee our concerns with including a provision on ground ambulance services in the bill and our objection to taking away the ability…

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