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Emergency Medical Products for First Responders Since 1977

What is the Life-Assist Difference?
Life-Assist has been serving First Responders with emergency medical products and equipment since 1977.

We Offer a Personal Touch in an Automated World

Our genuine care for our customers is demonstrated through the quality of service we provide and the important connections we maintain with our First Responder customers. When you call Life-Assist at 1-800-824-6016 during business hours, you are never be greeted by an automated phone system. Instead, you will speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care Specialists.

Life-Assist is an Employee-Owned Company

Thriving as a family-owned business for 45 years by following the philosophy that the customer always comes first, in July 2022, Life-Assist went one step further, giving its employees a vested interest in serving others by becoming an ESOP company (Employee Stock Ownership Plan).

Charitable Giving is Part of our DNA

Life-Assist takes pride in our support for those who selflessly serve others and contribute to the betterment of the community at large. We partner with First Responders Children’s Foundation, who support children who have lost a First Responder parent in the line of duty.

Life-Assist’s Project Pink was founded in response to the loss of one of our own, Debbie Lang. Debbie’s charity of choice was METAvivor. We honor her by donating a portion of all Project Pink proceeds to this organization every year.

We Offer a Grant Assistance Program to First Responders

More than $600 billion in nationwide grants are available to public safety agencies and local government each year. With our Grant Assistance Program, Life-Assist can help First Responders find the grants they need for EMS equipment.

Same Day Shipping Available

Orders placed by 4pm (M-F) local time will be shipped the same day.

Our National Account Manager Provides Extra Value

Chad Marsh’s experience in the EMS industry spans over 30 years. The key to the longevity of his success is his ability to create relationships with customers and provide valuable information relating to products, protocols and procedures used in the industry.

To contact Chad Marsh, call (503) 936-1879, or email:

Customer Care: 800.824.6016

Ninth Brain: Unleashing Power-Packed Features with Open API, Single Sign-On, and Advanced Tools!


In the ever-evolving landscape of workforce management, Ninth Brain emerges as a pioneering force, dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that prioritize cutting-edge technology, user-friendly features, and steadfast compliance.

As Ninth Brain continues its journey, they are thrilled to unveil insights into key functionalities that position them as a leader in the industry.

Developer Open API: Seamless Integration

Central to Ninth Brain’s commitment to seamless data integration is their Developer Open API. Features like the Forms Module API Endpoint enables management to effortlessly retrieve form responses, facilitate in-depth analysis and examine with external dashboard utilization. The Run Log Module API Endpoint empowers management to monitor and analyze debriefs, chart reviews, and utilization responses, providing invaluable insights into its patient care.

OSHA Logs and Electronic Reporting: Simplified Compliance

In the realm of Emergency Medical Services, compliance with OSHA regulations is paramount. Ninth Brain’s Employee Health module streamlines the management of workplace injuries, illnesses, and incidents. This not only ensures compliance but also enhances reporting efficiency, enabling EMS agencies to focus on their life-saving missions.

Captain Grey Matter/Co-Owner, Lisa Tedford, underscores the commitment: “Our team is dedicated to researching regulations and finding innovative ways to enhance our platform. We aim to alleviate tasks for busy administrators, making our partners more efficient and ensuring ongoing compliance. The recent update to the Employee Health module was driven by the need to keep agencies compliant with the new 2024 electronic reporting mandate, designed to simplify the submission process.”

Single Sign-On:  Effortless Access

Ninth Brain’s adoption of Single Sign-On (SSO) has revolutionized the user experience, providing a simplified and secure login process. Centralizing authentication, SSO reduces password fatigue, enhances security, and streamlines administrative management. Password Administrators are encouraged to explore the benefits of SSO with their tech teams, as enabling this feature is an impactful and positive change.

Accreditation Assistant:  Streamlined Process

Notably, Ninth Brain recently introduced the Accreditation Assistant, revolutionizing the compliance journey for EMS leaders with features tailored for accreditation and reaccreditation, streamlined processes, and intelligent recommendations, reinforcing Ninth Brain’s commitment to comprehensive solutions.

Co-Owner Holly Taylor emphasizes, “At Ninth Brain, we’re all about making things better. Our latest software enhancements? They’re like your personal efficiency boosters, helping our partners get things done smarter and keeping them in the compliance sweet spot. We’re not just here to deliver software; we’re here to make their work life a whole lot easier!”

By highlighting these features, Ninth Brain reaffirms its commitment to supporting EMS agencies in optimizing workforce management, ensuring compliance, and contributing to the successful delivery of life-saving services. As they look ahead, Ninth Brain remains at the forefront of industry compliance, continuously enhancing its software to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

About Ninth Brain: Ninth Brain’s mission is to be a long-standing partner with First Responder agencies by providing quality and intuitive software solutions that evolve with the industry. They bundle comprehensive software with a fun, devoted, and knowledgeable support team that make their clients their top priority. Throughout the past 20+ years of their journey, Ninth Brain has continuously developed enhancements to provide efficiencies, aid in industry compliance, and ultimately elevate patient care practices. Ninth Brain offers Credential Tracking, Learning Management System, Workforce Scheduling, Quality Improvement Tracking, Digital Forms and Checklists, and more! To learn more, visit

Contact:  Holly Taylor, Chief Hat Holder

Phone: 888-364-9995 ext. 320


Send AAA Your COVID-19 Photos!

We are living through challenging and historic times. Please help the American Ambulance Association share YOUR story, the true impact of EMS on the front lines of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

We need your service’s photos and videos! Please send us pictures and videos of your medics in action. (Of course no HIPAA violations, please.) Pictures in the field, in PPE, caring for patients, interacting with the community, taking off a mask after a long shift, etc are all essential for communicating visually with the legislators and regulators who impact our ability to operate effectively. A mix of closeups and broader shots would be great, and candid is typically (although not always) better than posed—use your best judgment!

There are a few ways to share:

  • Tag the American Ambulance Association on Facebook (@americanambulanceassoc) or Twitter ( @amerambassoc)  when you post your own photos that you don’t mind us borrowing for media, PR, etc.
  • Text or email photos to Amanda Riordan at or 703-615-4492
  • Share your photos with your local news media!

Need a photo or video release waiver for patients and medics? Borrow ours!

Thank you for taking time away to help with this project when your services are so very busy. We are here to support you as you care for your communities! #SupportEMS

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