Recovering Loss of Revenue from “not at fault” Accidents

When your units get hit by a third party and the vehicle is out of service, are you getting Loss of Revenue for the downtime while the unit is being repaired? Whether you answered yes or no to that question, reading this article will be the one of the most lucrative uses of your time this year. A call comes in and your dispatcher does a perfect job of answering and scheduling the run. The EMT’s jump into the clean, fueled, and well stocked ambulance responding to the call. Then from out of nowhere, a car turns directly into the ambulance’s path rolling through a stop sign. Now what? You have two paramedics stranded on the side of the road who will be spending the next few hours on paperwork and drug testing. In addition, all the drugs and small equipment need to be removed or secured. Hopefully you have another unit to dispatch or your competitor may have already been called. What happens next is key to getting maximum recovery for your losses caused by the accident. Key items that help maximize your recovery from accidents: Educate and equip fleet drivers with the tools necessary to collect key accident...

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Senator Debbie Stabenow Named Legislator of the Year

For Immediate Release Senator Debbie Stabenow To Receive Highest Legislative Honor From American Ambulance Association To Be Recognized As AAA Legislator of the Year Contact Amanda Riordan 703-610-9018 Washington, DC – The American Ambulance Association (AAA) will honor Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan with its Legislator of the Year Award in appreciation of her advocacy for emergency medical services. Senator Stabenow is invited to receive this honor at the AAA’s Annual Stars of Life Recognition Ceremony on June 11 in Washington, D.C. The Stars of Life program celebrates the contributions of ambulance professionals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in service to their communities or the EMS profession. The Stars of Life program pays tribute to the dedication of these heroes while shining light on the critical role EMS plays in our healthcare infrastructure. This year, 100 EMS professionals will be honored as 2018 Stars of Life. In addition to Senator Stabenow’s recognition as 2018 Legislator of the Year, 34 United States Senators and Representatives will receive Legislative Recognition Awards for their support of ambulance services. Senator Stabenow was selected for the Legislator of the Year Award in thanks for leading the effort in...

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 Savvik Buying Group: Ambulance Purchasing Made Easy

Do you hate the thought of going out to bid? Are you sure you are getting the best pricing? Do you really have the time to do the bidding process? Do you want to see multiple brands? Do you want to customize your units to your specs? Do you want a discount for multiple units? What if someone could help get these quotes done for you? What if you could download all the paperwork to submit to your review committee in just a few clicks? What if you could link to this contract in under 2 minutes? What if I told you that you could do all of this at no charge? With Savvik Buying Group’s Publicly Awarded Ambulance Bid, you can! As a AAA member you have access to Savvik’s bid, and can save the time and hassle of the bid process. It takes just two minutes to join Savvik’s bid and begin selecting the ambulance that best suites your needs through Savvik’s vendors. Type I, Type II, Type III and sprinter Publicly BID and AWARDED Build your truck to begin your custom quote Joining Savvik is free and easy to do! Download our RFB Documents Piggyback (Interlocal) to...

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Make a Difference: EMS and Human Trafficking

When we think of trafficking, we generally think of drugs or weapons, not human beings. Yet the problem exists in numerous communities where EMS responders deliver care. Human trafficking is defined by the United Nations as “the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of persons by improper means for an improper purpose.” (End Slavery Now, 2018, para. 1) A more succinct definition comes from Kathryn Brinsfield, MD, MPH, Assistant Secretary for Health Affairs and Chief Medical Officer for the Department of Homeland Security: “Human trafficking is modern-day slavery.” (DHS, 2017, para. 3) Why is this so important in today’s EMS field? We are the first on scene, we are the ones invited inside where others are not and we are the ones who see an injured person’s environment.  Our interactions with others can help us spot some of the tell-tale indicators. Unfortunately, there are many reasons people are trafficked: Domestic Slavery: People are brought into private homes to work as slave labor, with no options to leave. Sex Trafficking: Children, men and women are forced into the commercial sex industry Forced and Bonded Labor: People are forced to work under the threat of violence for no pay — often to repay (more…)

Changing the Face of EMS for the New Century

EMS has always been the forefront of medicine, delivering care to the sick and injured in various roles dating as far back as the Civil War. It has come a long way from the days of horse and buggy. Yet, where are we going now? One look at the trajectory of Nursing indicates where we are headed. When Nursing first started, the profession was comprised of caring women who were viewed and treated as indentured servants, subservient to the male dominated physicians. Nursing evolved when the “servant” became educated. What followed were thousands of women beginning to diagnose, conduct research and improve outcomes in the healthcare field. Soon thereafter, they broke free of the care assistant model they were in. I see EMS following the same path. The ambulance industry started out as transporters, with a curriculum that was adopted and funded by the Department of Transportation (DOT). The industry has roots in DOT, Police Departments, Fire Departments and the military, but are truly physician extenders that should be firmly rooted in Health Departments. EMS is now developing a language, doing research, obtaining national accreditation for our schools, even supporting continuing education with CAPCE. But we need to do more. (more…)

Is Narcan the Answer?

There has been a lot of talk recently in social media and the news about leaving Narcan behind after a reversal of an opioid overdose. A new voluntary program in Pittsburgh, PA allows the state to pay for Narcan atomizers that EMS can leave with friends and family of OD patients. The media buzz revolves around the idea that we are enabling this cycle of addiction; “There is some pushback that maybe you’re enabling the problem a little bit, but at least in the short term, reduce the chances that person is going to die and you create more opportunities to get them into treatment,” said Mark Pinchalk, patient care coordinator for Pittsburgh EMS.” (Media, 2018, para. 3) I agree with Mr. Pinchalk that as an EMS Provider we are not there to judge, we are there to render aid. One of my early instructors said, “Scott, your purpose is to leave the patient better than the way you found them.” I have taken that long ago statement to heart ever since, trying to leave the patient better than the way I found them whether that is medically as in a Diabetic whose blood glucose I raise from 20mg/dl to (more…)

CMS ODF and Follow Up Call Cancelled

CMS’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) will hold a special Open Door Forum on the New Medicare Card Project on Tuesday, January 23 at 2:00 PM Eastern. If you plan to attend, please dial in at least 15 minutes before the call. Following the CMS call, AAA Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, Tristan North, will moderate a Q&A call for members. To answer your questions, AAA Medicare Consultant, Brian Werfel, Esq.; AAA Medicare Regulatory Committee Chair, Rebecca Williamson; and AAA Medicare Regulatory Vice-Chair, Angie (Lehman) McLain will be on the line.  

Savvik 12 Days Of Christmas

Savvik Buying Group announced their 12 Days of Christmas contest. They are giving away over $10,000 worth of prizes. Be sure that you and your team enter to win one of the prizes listed below! One year’s supply of Digitcare Gloves $1,218 value Office Depot gift certificate – $250 value SateTech Solutions – 2 Leadership Academies tuition – $6,800 value Physio Control AED – $750 value Binder Lift – Nylon Lift $649 value ID Shield for one year – $120 value Legal Shield for one year – $240 value MedSource medical supplies – $500 value Stat Packs – $500 value Hotel Engine – $250 gift certificate TKK Electronics – HP Titan Smart Watch (5) – $750 value Airspace Monitoring – Carbon Monoxide Monitor $315 value 5.11 Winter Parka – $250 value Click here to enter and good luck.