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Ninth Brain and PHASE Team Up to Give Away 100 Binder Lifts in Celebration of EMS Week!


May 15, 2023
Contact: Holly Taylor, Chief Hat Holder
Phone: 888-364-9995 ext 320

EMS Week is about celebrating our practitioners and the unparalleled care they bring to our communities. In honor of the upcoming EMS Week celebration, Ninth Brain and PHASE (formerly known as Binder Lift) are teaming up! These two EMS centric companies, with a combined 30 years of experience, wish to inspire EMS Leaders to share their story.

This year’s theme, “EMS: Where Emergency Care Begins”, brings a sense of nostalgia with it. Why did your EMS career begin? Hearing stories of the ‘why’ behind the journey and reminiscing those first days in EMS is both important and inspirational. Mentors sharing their passion for what they do and providing impactful words of wisdom to future EMS leaders, is how we keep Emergency Care thriving. “We know sharing their story may not fix the problems they face, but it may provide a brief reprieve and to remember the ‘why’ when faced with the everyday pressures that weigh heavily on their responsible shoulders.” said Holly Taylor, Chief Hat Holder at Ninth Brain. “And for opening up and sharing, we want to give them an opportunity to help their EMS Agency win equipment that has a proven track record of safety.”

For participating in sharing their story, Ninth Brain and PHASE, will be giving away a total of 100 Binder Lifts to chosen participants’ Agencies. “One of the biggest challenges EMS leaders face is the nationwide shortage of emergency care workers. Though we can’t help agencies find new personnel, we can help them retain employees by keeping existing care providers happy and injury free.” stated by Rick Binder, Chief Executive Officer at PHASE. Take a few minutes to motivate others with your ‘why’, what you love about EMS, and advice for future leaders, for the opportunity to win Binder Lifts for your Agency! Visit to get started as the opportunity will close on May 31st at 5pm ET!


About Ninth Brain: Launched in 2001, Ninth Brain is a Michigan based software solution that provides a centralized solution to help EMS organizations with maintaining their daily operations, such as tracking required credentials, providing a robust learning management system, creating forms/checklists, managing workforce scheduling, and much more! With one login, you can easily manage your company’s needs with the Ninth Brain software, AND enjoy superb client support including training, webinars, and (gasp) real people! To learn more, visit

About PHASE: We’re on a mission to empower emergency care providers to have longer and healthier careers by providing the equipment and training necessary to safely move patients of any size with ease. All our products and services are science-backed solutions that help emergency care providers avoid injuries where they happen most. PHASE is a family-owned business that brings our family values to the workplace. When you do business with us, you’re more than a customer. You’re family. So, let’s connect. We look forward to helping you. To learn more, visit

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