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Life-Assist Unlocks Grant Opportunities for First Responders

The Life-Assist Grant Assistance Program helps First Responders navigate the over 1400 grants available nationwide to pinpoint those tailored to meet their specific needs. Life-Assist offers unlimited and customized grants at no cost, powered by Lexipol.

The process is easy and increases the likelihood of success in securing grants. With the Life-Assist Grant Assistance Program, first responders have access to a comprehensive grant database to easily identify the grant that will support them with their EMS needs. To help navigate this vast landscape, unlimited and personalized grant research assistance specific to each agency’s project is provided. First Responders can also set up alerts for projects when using this program.

Getting started with the Life-Assist Grant Assistance Program is as simple as visiting our dedicated Grant webpage and filling out a 2-page form powered by Lexipol. The agency will hear from a Grant consultation expert soon after, who will help throughout the entire process to maximize the chances of successfully securing the funding sought.

Andy Selby, Vice-President of Sales at Life-Assist, explains why we started the Grant Assistance Program. “At Life-Assist, our primary purpose is to provide the best resources and tools available to First Responders. OurGrants Program will give access to unlimited funding opportunities to support critical patient care programs to our First Responders in local communities across the country,” Andy Selby, VP of Sales, Life-Assist.

To apply for a Grant through the Life-Assist Grant Assistance Program free of cost, visit:

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