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CAAS GVS3 Feedback Requested!

From CAAS GVS Version 3.0 – Revision Input

CAAS has formed a Ground Vehicle Standards Committee to review the existing CAAS Ground Vehicle Standard V3.0, and to develop proposed revisions or additions to the Standard as necessary. To ensure that anyone with an interest in the emergency medical transportation industry has a voice in the Standard revision process, CAAS has developed a mechanism for interested parties to submit feedback and suggestions relative to ground vehicle standards. Interested parties should complete the online form below. All submissions will be reviewed by the Ground Vehicle Standards Committee prior to development of Version 4.0.

CAAS GVS will be taking input until July 1 of 2024, for the next Version 4.0 to be published in July of 2025.

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Commission on Accreditation for Ambulance Services (CAAS), Ground Vehicle Standards

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