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Webinar | Ambulance Fleet Tips for Weathering the Chassis Shortage

Ambulance Fleet Tips for Weathering the Chassis Shortage
Webinar | June 23, 2021 | 14:00 ET | Free to AAA Members

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The American Ambulance Association and the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services recently reported that a global semiconductor shortage has crippled the production of motor vehicle chassis—including those used by ambulance manufacturers and remounters. Ford Motor Company, which supplies approximately 70% of the ambulance chassis used in the US, halted production in mid-April. The end is not yet in sight, with the shortage of the critically important microchips predicted to run into 2022.

Join ambulance fleet experts from across the country to learn what your EMS agency can do NOW to extend the lifecycle of your vehicles and minimize the impact of the chip and chassis shortage. Additionally, learn how the American Ambulance Association is working to drive federal, state, and local advocacy efforts to ensure that first responders are at the front of the line when production resumes. Don’t miss your chance to learn from ambulance fleet luminaries how they keep their crews rolling, 24/7!

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Drew Morrow
Director of Support Services, Pro EMS

Mark Van Arnam
Administrator, CAAS GVS

Maria Bianchi
CEO, American Ambulance Association

Trampus Gaspard
Senior Director of Logistics, Acadian Companies

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