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HHS OIG Report Discussion Added to Annual Conference

Late breaking AAA Conference update:

In order to address a Medicare reimbursement issue we feel is critical, AAA has decided to modify the Tuesday afternoon conference session being led by Brian S. Werfel, Esq.

Instead of covering medicare audits in this session, Mr. Werfel will now be leading an in depth discussion about a recent OIG Report on Questionable Billing Practices. The originally schedule session on preparing for medicare audits will be offered as a webinar. Further information about this new conference session is provided below.

Understanding the Recent OIG Report on Questionable Billing Practices

On September 29, 2015, the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General released a report on “Inappropriate Payments and Question Billing for Part B Ambulance Transports”.  The report concluded that Medicare paid $24.2 million during the first half of 2012 for ambulance transports that did not meet Medicare program requirements.
In this special session, AAA Medicare Consultant Brian S. Werfel, Esq. will breakdown the OIG’s report, with special attention being paid to each of the 7 billing practices the OIG identified as “questionable”.  The session will include strategies that companies can implement to avoid these practices.  Brian will also discuss ongoing OIG enforcement activities related to the issues identified in this report.  The session will conclude with a Question & Answer period.

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