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EMS Corps: From the Community, Ready to serve!

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By Michael Gibson

Join us as we explore “EMS Corps: From the Community, Ready to Serve!” A national model for addressing a shortage of EMS workers while simultaneously providing career pathways for historically marginalized young people and currently underrepresented communities in the EMS workforce. EMS Corps is designed to recruit, train, and facilitate employment for youth facing insecure housing, economic insecurity, justice system involvement, single parenthood, and many other barriers.

Modeled after Alameda EMS Corps, a program created in 2012 with hundreds of successful graduates and now preparing for its 23rd cohort, you will hear how Albuquerque, New Mexico, has replicated the program and is now in its 7th cohort. Plans are underway to expand EMS Corps to New Orleans, Newark and ten more sites in California. Could this be a workforce solution for your service? Join us August 8th, 2024 at 3pm EST.

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