Women Lead the Charge at Booming Healthcare Software Company


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Women Lead the Charge at Booming Healthcare Software Company 

Ninth Brain, a software company that streamlines compliance, training, and 

communication in the healthcare sector, celebrates twenty years of success this Spring. 

FRANKENMUTH, Mich., April 28, 2022 – With a modest history begun as notes on a napkin by two nurses, the company now known as Ninth Brain sought a simple 

yet rigorous solution for the complicated compliance requirements faced by healthcare and first responder  organizations. This spring, Ninth Brain will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Lisa Tedford, uniquely titled  “Captain Grey Matter,” and Holly Taylor, “Chief Hat Holder,” run Ninth Brain with a passion for helping  clients and having a little fun along the way. Tedford says, “I was the first developer to bring the napkin  idea to life over 20 years ago. The best part of this journey has been hearing the feedback from the users  of our system and how it has helped them with their day-to-day. I enjoy seeing where the next big ideas  from our team and clients will take us.” 

When asked about their overall business philosophy, Taylor says, “We focus on caring about our  employees and our clients, the rest just falls into place. Focusing our efforts on being consultative  partners to our clients, in turn, creates advocates in the industry which naturally grows our business. We  look forward to celebrating continued success with our amazing team of devoted brainiacs and loyal  clients.” 

Using crowdsourced suggestions from clients and industry partners alike, Ninth Brain has grown from  Employee Health tracking into an expansive platform known for consultative training and onboarding,  workforce scheduling, risk assessments, and quality improvement. These tools have become especially  important during this time when Healthcare and First Responder industries are experiencing  unprecedented change, staffing turnover, compliance demands, and vaccine-mandate management. 

“Ninth Brain has changed how we provide education within our organization, taking us to the digital era by  reducing the amount of time used to track and document competencies, required education and  credentials,” said Lindsey Castle, Director of Education & Clinical Services at MedFlight.  

ee“PatientCare EMS Solutions has been using many of the features provided by NBS to enhance our  performance and maintain CAAS and CAMTS accreditations for several years. They listen to our “bright  ideas” for improvement and adopt many in their evolving version releases. They are truly customer  focused which is not something you get with every vendor. We know our customer support team by  name, and we can count on them to be available when we need them.” Stated Debbie Vass, Corporate  VP of Quality at PatientCare EMS Solutions.  

In the spirit of collaboration Ninth Brain is known for, Ninth Brain will celebrate its 20th birthday with nine  birthday parties with select clients, provide opportunities to sign up for birthday box surprises and  celebrate nominated Ninth Brain super users. You can check out what they are up to here https://www.ninthbrain.com


About Ninth Brain Suite, LLC: Ninth Brain is a team of diverse, talented, energetic collection of brains,  skill sets, and hearts. Our system started with an idea to design a better, quicker, safer, and more  accurate way to manage compliance and meet regulatory requirements for the healthcare industry. Ninth  Brain Suite is recognized as one of the premier solutions for managing data, providing continuing  education, and tracking regulatory requirements. Our healthcare knowledge, friendliness and superb  support is how we build long lasting relationships with our clients.