Press Release: Ambulance Delivery To ERs Set To Skyrocket

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Ambulance Delivery To Emergency Rooms Set To Skyrocket Putting Ambulance Company Financials On Life Support

Medicaid and Medicare Drive Reimbursements Below Cost of Service

More Boomers will visit the ER
More Boomers will visit the ER

Schaumburg, IL—September 22, 2016—The convergence of the aging baby boomer population, the projected increase of emergency room services for baby boomers, added to lower reimbursement rates for Medicaid and the increasing influence of private insurance companies with Medicare, signals a rough road ahead for ambulance companies.

In a new survey by revenue realization leader, CDO Squared, and the American Ambulance Association, 126 ambulance company executives were asked, As a rule, the number of emergency department visits is much higher for Medicaid and Medicare recipients than for the uninsured and those with private insurance. How will this effect your profitability over the next five years?”

The survey revealed that well over 70 percent of ambulance companies saw decreased profitability over the next five years. “In an industry already hard hit by the effects of Obama Care, this is just one more pressure point put onto ambulance companies to maintain profitability.” according the William Stuckert, CEO of CDO Squared. The American Ambulance Association also weighed in on the survey results. “Ambulance services continue to struggle to do more in the way of providing high-quality medical care and improving patient outcomes with less financial resources, and from the survey it doesn’t appear it will get better.”  Stated Mike Hall, AAA President.  “On the Medicare payor front, H.R. 745 and S. 377 would make permanent the current temporary add-ons that have allowed ambulance services to maintain critical financial relief.”

Stuckert offered this advice for those struggling with increased pressure on their financials. “Ambulance companies must learn how to balance their payer mix. With the push by many states to move Medicaid patients into Managed Medicaid Programs, ambulance companies must choose a payer mix that provides a reasonable amount of profitability.” Stuckert stressed the importance of using cash flow analytics to take a deeper look at the profitability of an ambulance company’s location. “Once you understand the true value of your facility, you’ll be able to balance your runs for reasonable profitability” said Stuckert.

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