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AAA’s 2015 Ambulance Ride-Along Toolkit

It is that time of year. With the summer heat, fireworks, baseball and barbecues comes your greatest opportunity to meet with and influence your federal legislators, the August Recess. This year, Congress is scheduled to begin recess early in August and return to normal business after the Labor Day Holiday. The recess means that many members of Congress will be in their districts and states. This will be a great opportunity for you to educate your members of Congress about current issues affecting our industry. In particular, it will give you the chance to talk about permanent Medicare ambulance relief.

The easiest and most effective way to discuss key issues with your members of Congress is to invite them and their staffs to participate in a tour of your operation and on an ambulance ride-along. This gives you the opportunity to show all of the valuable services that you provide to the community and how Congress can continue to help. The AAA has made the process of scheduling and arranging a ride-along easy for you with the release of our 2015 Congressional Ride-Along Toolkit.

In April of this year, Congress extended the temporary 2% urban, 3% rural and super rural bonus payment through December, 2017. While this was a great victory for the AAA and ambulance services nationwide, a permanent solution is still needed. With temporary extensions of Medicare ambulance relief, ambulance services are incapable of adequately preparing for their financial future and providing quality care to their patients. The AAA has worked hard to have legislation introduced in the both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate that would make the temporary relief become permanent. We are still seeking cosponsors for the bill (H.R. 745, S. 377) and hope that you will assist in our search.

We invite you to use the Ambulance Ride-Along toolkit as you prepare to meet with your members of Congress over the coming months.

Ambulance Ride-Along Toolkit

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