Human Resources Toolkit – Forms

Legal Disclaimer

This publication is intended to be an exemplar that may be modified for use in your organization. It incorporates many policies that are required for any employer under Federal Law.

This toolkit was were drafted to meet current Federal law, as of April 2018. However, you should check state and local law as they may provide greater or different employee protections or employer requirements.

The American Ambulance Association is not liable for your use of these sample policies and strongly recommends that your legal counsel review any new policy prior to its use to ensure your compliance with federal and state laws and regulations applicable to your organization.  These sample policies and procedures may be modified to align with your specific organization’s operational needs and culture.

Attachments for AAA Human Resources Manual

COBRA Model General Notice

COBRA Model Election Notice

Employment Status Change Request Form

FMLA Certification

FMLA Notice of Rights Responsibilities

I9 Employment Verification

Personal Information Change Form

Tuition Reimbursement Request Form

FMLA Request Form

Individual Human Resource Policies

Equal Employment Opportunity



Background Screenings

I-9 Verification

Employee Records & Personnel Information & Status Changes

Criminal Background Screenings


Workplace Violence


Workplace Safety

Conflict Resolution

HR – Standards of Conduct

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Compensation and Pay

Open Door Policy


Drug and Alcohol Use

Whistleblower Anti-Retaliation

Holiday Pay

Separation from Employment

Discipline Educational Assistance

Bereavement Pay

Dress Code

Personal Telephone Calls

Confidential and Proprietary Information

Social Medica Policy

Personal Property

Worker’s Compensation

Attendance, Punctuality & Shift Work

Bulletin Boards-Intranet-Email Employee Notifications

Small Necessities Leave (Massachusetts Services)

Parental Leave Policy

Family and Medical Leave Act

Jury Duty Leave

Domestic Violence Leave

Military Reserve Leave

Voting Leave

Witness Leave