The Cost of a Bad Hire

Our industry has been struggling with a staffing crisis for several years. We are all looking for ways to attract and hire qualified individuals to staff our ambulances and work in our dispatch and billing offices. This shortage has often resulted in ambulance providers hiring many people who meet the basic qualifications for the position even if they might not be the best fit for the company. There is a strong focus on reducing overtime hours to keep cost in line with shrinking reimbursement dollars. However, when a new person is introduced to the company community and culture, there are impacts that are not always recognized. Our industry has also struggled with the concept of collecting and reporting cost data because there are many dynamics that drive cost for ambulance providers throughout the country. Difficulties with identifying and isolating recruitment and retention costs are no exception to this struggle. An article published by the HR Daily Advisor discusses a recently published survey that studied the financial impacts a bad hire has on an organization. Not only does the organization lose the money associated with onboarding the wrong candidate (interview time, screening costs, orientation costs, uniforms, third ride time, etc.) but (more…)

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EEOC Sounds Off On Transgender Issues

A few days ago the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released Fact Sheet: Bathroom Access Rights for Transgender Employees Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  This was in direct response to the passing of North Carolina’s HB2 in March that restricts multi-use bathrooms and changing facilities to be utilized only by those individuals based upon their sex noted at birth.  The North Carolina “Bathroom Rule” is directly aimed at transgender individuals and would force transgender individuals to use the restroom that is opposite of how they physically present.  In other words, a transgender male who has a beard and other characteristics typically associated with being male, would be forced to use a women’s restroom. In response to the new law, the Department of Justice (DOJ) had notified North Carolina that HB2 violates not only Title VII of the Civil Rights Act but also Title IX Education Amendments of 1972, and the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013.  The DOJ sent a letter to the Governor and State legislature on May 4th informing them that they had until May 9th to notify the Department of their intent not to implement or enforce the new law or risk (more…)