Conference Presentations

Below you can find many of the presentations from our Annual Conference & Trade Show in Las Vegas.

Session 1: Becoming Irreplaceable – Community and Media Relations Boot Camp: Zavadsky AAA 2015 – Irreplaceable

Session 2: The Medicare Update: Medicare Update

Session 3: The Executive Leadership Summit Prequel – The State of our Nation’s Rural EMS Systems: AAA 2015 State of our Nations Rural EMS Systems

Session 4: Marketing Solutions-Understanding Deployment Strategies for the EMS Marketer: 11-1 Dierking

Session 6: The Dark Side of Community Paramedicine: Liability and Risk Management in Mobile Integrated Healthcare: 11.01.15 – HANDOUTS AAA – Dark Side of Community Paramedicine – Wolfberg

Session 7: Speed Learning One Speaker-Two Topics: Doing More with Less Fleet 101- 3 Point Cycle of Care with Inventory and Vehicle Replacement Strategies: Fleet 101-Fellows

Session 8: Speed Learning Two Speakers-Multiple Topics Managing & Measuring Payer Behaviors, Capturing More of the Dollar, plus Benchmarking and other topics: Never Settle For Less

Session 9: Speed Learning –It’s All About Relationships: The Patient, Hospitals, Fire, Competitors, the Employees & More: Hooten – Zavadsky AAA 2015 – Relationships

Session 10: The Hiring Crisis-The Growing Demand and the Shrinking Workforce. What’s the Answer?: Growing Demand Shrinking Workforce

Session 11: CDI for EMS: Clinical Documentation Improvement & Why it Can Save Your Service: CDI for EMS – Wolfberg

Session 12: Project Management-Crossing the Finish Line: Project Management-AAA 2015

Session 13: Human Resources Deep Dive: Recruitment Management 360? Part I: AAA 2015 Slides Recruitment Management, HR Roundup

Session 14: The Game Changers Deep Dive:Supplier to Provider and Cost Reporting Part 1: AAA Legislative SummaryGame Changer – Provider Status and Cost Reporting

Session 15:  Deep Dive- Why EMS Systems Fail-the Master Class with Jonathan Washko Part 1: Why EMS Systems Fail

Session 16: Human Resources Deep Dive: Recruitment Management 360? Part II: Deep Dive Recruitment, EMS Recruiting ‘The Challenge’

Session 17: The Game Changers Deep Dive:Supplier to Provider and Cost Reporting Part II: AAA Legislative Summary

Session 19: Staff Retention & Leadership Development: 11-3 Staff Retention and Leadership-Pond

Session 20: The Recent OIG Report: Werfel OIG Report

Session 22: Recruitment & Retention Strategies:  Employee Engagement- How to Create a Culture of Commitment: Employee Engagement – Creating a Culture of Commitment

Session23: Prior Authorization Coming to State Near You with NJ, PA and SC Services: 11-3 Prior Authorization Presentation

Session 26: Point Counter Point-EMS Compass Project, Measuring and Reporting Cost Data: Point Counter Point-EMS Compass Project