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On-Demand | Workforce Compliance During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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July 16, 2020 | 2:00pm ET | FREE
Presented by: Scott Moore, Esq.

The last few months have presented some of the most challenging workforce management concerns for first responders and EMS agencies. While much of the country is wrestling with reopening their economies in the face of rising infection rates, EMS agencies continue to be on the frontlines persistently battling the impacts of the Coronavirus. Because our country has not faced a national health crisis of this scale before, many employers struggle to ensure that they appropriately addressing the workforce issues that have arisen during the course of the pandemic response. This session will cover many of today’s EMS-related human resources and employment law frequently asked questions, such as:

• Permissible employee COVID-19 testing
• Refusals to report to work
• Compliant pay & record keeping practices
• Emergency and other employee leaves
• Mandatory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and facial covering use
• Off duty employee activity that impacts the workplace
• Employee social media issues
• Whistleblower and retaliation concerns
• Top employer pandemic-related litigation concerns

Additionally, we will have a robust question and answer session where attendees can get their most pressing concerns answered.

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