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On-Demand | Resilience: Addressing Race and Resiliency

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Recorded October 13, 2020
Ft. Andre M. Koen, Mayo Clinic | Introduction By Tom Fennell, Mayo Clinic Ambulance
Staving off cynicism requires us to be active in breaking biases we have developed over years and hours of the job. We know what shifts are the toughest. We know who also gets those tough assignments. Our job requires that we be prepared for anything and often that is exactly what we have to manage.

Is it possible the racism and xenophobia could be the result of something else? Is it possible that we can change a situation by being changed ourselves?

We will spend this session not only looking at the social challenges but how we build our resilience through a cognitive and racial self-care approach.

Andre M. Koen

Program Director, Mayo Clinic Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Andre Koen is an energetic presenter, a powerful communicator, and a dynamic teacher. There are many words that describe him. The most illustrative is, “Andre,
the Enkindled Spirit.”

For the last 15 years Andre has been a diversity trainer in Minnesota. His time as a K-12 classroom teacher, an Affirmative Action Officer and College Faculty has given him a solid platform for looking at Diversity and Inclusion in new and different ways.

Most of his clients included professionals needing continuing education credits. Now at Mayo, he seeks to share his wisdom as the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Program Director.

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