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On Demand | 2023 OSHA Enforcement Strategy Update Webinar

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By Scott Moore

Recorded June 9, 2023 | Speaker: Scott Moore, Esq.

EMS agencies and their leaders are in a time of heightened accountability from both the public they serve and the employees who work in the field. While all EMS providers are required to have a safety program that provides a work environment that is free from known hazards, many fail to recognize the true risk to both employees and the organization. An effective safety program will:

• Reduce injuries, safety violations, fines, and insurance penalties.

• Improve employee awareness, sense of purpose and responsibility.

• Increase programmatic efficiencies by providing clear safety steps for most workplace processes.

• Provide workers and managers with the knowledge and abilities necessary to recognize and react to dangerous incidents.

This session will highlight the best practices for an effective safety program and the true costs of getting it wrong.

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