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Medicare Advantage Plans

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By Katie Arens and Angela McLain-Johnson

Reprising their popular American Ambulance Association Annual Conference & Trade Show session, Katie Arens and Angie McLain-Johnson will dive into the impact of Medicare Advantage plans on the ambulance industry. The landscape of Medicare Advantage plans is constantly evolving, and we will explore how these changes affect ambulance providers. We will provide an overview of the various types of Medicare Advantage plans and shed light on the key differences between traditional fee-for-service Medicare and Medicare Advantage, focusing on plan features and patient cost sharing. The transition to Medicare Advantage plans brings forth a range of considerations and implications for the ambulance industry. We will identify and evaluate the unique challenges faced by ambulance providers in this new landscape. Topics of discussion will include network participation requirements, changes in reimbursement models, denial management, prior authorization processes, and data analysis from Fair Health by HMA. As the Medicare Advantage landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial for ambulance providers to stay informed and prepared. By grasping the impact of Medicare Advantage plans on the ambulance industry, and by considering the unique challenges they present, providers can position themselves for success. We hope that through this presentation, you will gain valuable insights into the implications of Medicare Advantage plans and discover opportunities to navigate this changing landscape effectively.

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