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On Demand | EMS KPIs: The Wellness Edition

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By Andrea Abbas

Free Webinar | May 22, 2024 | Presented by the American Ambulance Association & Women In Emergency Services

The EMS workplace has shifted; providers, middle managers, and emerging executives are expecting health and wellness programs in the workplace. Gone are the days when corporations welcomed employees who showed up to work sick. The human workplace has evolved. The body of research around longevity and human performance is growing and what organizational leaders once believed were wellness best practices have changed.

Human performance and biohacking aren’t just for professional athletes. Whether you’re an experienced executive, middle manager, or clinical practitioner this session will leave you with optimal performance best practices you can begin to implement today and teach others about tomorrow.

This presentation will leverage the speaker’s many years of studying and teaching human physiology, biology, microbiology, and neuroanatomy. We will consider the implications of and review the current research and science behind these human performance factors:

  • Poor gut health—the world of our gut microbiota and how we influence it;
  • high cortisol levels and the effects of stress on the body;
  • sleep hygiene—brain health and sleep as emotional first aid;
  • the effects of highly processed foods on our physical and mental health;
  • alcohol—why one should never have a cocktail the night before a big speaking event;
  • hormonal changes—how low testosterone and menopause can impact work performance.

About the Speaker

Andrea is an experienced emergency medical services professional with a passion for people and operations. She enjoys guiding EMS agencies to identify, embrace and live their organizational culture through creativity and efficiency, while cultivating a workplace that values high performance and longevity.

With over 20 years of EMS industry experience, Andrea is skilled in EMS system management, training and education, administration, and project management. She has work experience in frontier, rural, suburban, and urban EMS systems and holds her National Registry Paramedic license, Community Paramedic certification and Instructor Coordinator license in addition to her formal education and degrees.

Today, Andrea is the owner of The EMS Professional LLC a leadership and wellness education, training, and consulting company. She currently works for the Michigan State Office of Rural Health overseeing rural EMS programming while continuing to function as a part-time paramedic for a private corporate agency. Andrea is an acting founding advisor for Women in EMS and continues to contribute to numerous EMS boards and workgroups.

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