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On-Demand | How to Use an ESOP in These Turbulent Times

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The COVID-19 pandemic will likely have a financial impact on ambulance services for 2020, 2021, and perhaps for several years beyond. During this era, many private for-profit mobile healthcare providers will be looking for ways to minimize corporate taxes and maximize cash preservation, while also maintaining competitive employee benefits. Other companies will be looking for ways to create liquidity for shareholders who wish to retire or reduce their ownership stake.

This session will cover the basics of Employee Stock Ownership Plans, but more importantly how new ESOPs can be structured and used to increase private ambulance service cash flow and motivate employees in times of uncertainty and stressed balance sheets.

Phillip DeDominicis, MBA has served as the East Coast Partner of Menke & Associates for the last 16 years. Previously, he served as director of mergers and acquisitions for Salomon Smith Barney. He is a seasoned public speaker and serves on numerous boards.

Menke & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1974 by John Menke who co-authored the landmark ESOP legislation which subsequently spawned the industry. Today, the firm is one of the leading firms in the United States in structuring Employee Stock Ownership Plan transactions.
Since its founding, Menke has structured more than 3500 ESOPs, the most of any single organization. Menke serves organizations of all sizes, from 10 employees to 30,000+, from its 10 regional offices throughout the U.S.

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