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Here’s What High Performance, High Value EMS Looks Like

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NEW DATE: July 13, 2023 at 14:00 ET

From the Academy of International Mobile Healthcare Integration

Speakers: Adam Heinz, John Peterson, Matt Zavadsky

AIMHI members are unique EMS providers, delivering high-performance and high-value services with a laser focus on quality, effectiveness and efficiency. Benchmarking is a key method for achieving service delivery excellence and learning best practices.

AIMHI has published three benchmarking reports this year on key EMS system metrics such as:

  • EMS System Design Innovations and Transformations
  • Deployment modifications
  • Quality initiatives and accreditations
  • Mitigation strategies for workforce, economic and supply chain challenges
  • Reduction in lights and siren operations

Join leaders from AIMHI member agencies as they discuss the major findings from these benchmarking studies, how AIMHI member agencies are able to achieve some of the most clinically proficient, operationally effective, and economically efficient service delivery models in the country.

Public policymakers are especially encouraged to attend this webinar to understand what high-performance, high-value EMS delivery more fully can achieve!”