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2022 Annual Precon: Shortages, Unhappy Employees, and the Great Leadership Opportunity

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Shortages, Unhappy Employees, and the Great Leadership Opportunity

 These are truly challenging times to lead. Staffing shortages and employee restlessness abound. Costs and expectations continue to rise. The national economic and political instability is likely to continue. But it is always the storm, not the calm that develops the best captains and ships. Great challenges – when leveraged appropriately – offer great opportunities. This fun and engaging workshop builds on Aarron and John’s Conversational Leader series and is a candid, hard-hitting guide to growing leadership, building teams, and strengthening organizational culture during tough times.

During this workshop we will discuss:

  • the latest insight on today’s restless unhappy employees and what’s really happening;
  • why your motivation, satisfaction, and calm as a leader is paramount now;
  • how your team will be your greatest asset (but only if you tend it);
  • how a new generation of workers and supervisors are shaping the culture we need; and
  • why expectations are the highway to success in creating high accountability, mature workers and

Join us for a great conversation and get your batteries charged for the storms ahead.

*Qualifies as a Safetech Solutions EMS Leadership Academy refresher!

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