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AIMHI | Attracting & Retaining the TikTok Generation

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Attracting and Retaining the TikTok Generation
July 24, 2024 | 14:00 ET | Hosted by The Academy of International Mobile Healthcare Integration

Are members of Gen Z hard to hire and retain? Or is EMS leadership just resistant to change? Join the Academy of International Mobile Healthcare Integration for an engaging webinar that may spark some intergenerational dialogue at YOUR EMS agency. Tune in July 24 to hear firsthand from rising mobile healthcare leaders from across the nation as they share how to best attract and cultivate talent from the TikTok generation! Learn about differing work-life balance expectations, personal appearance perspectives, and communication styles across generations, and learn how Millennial, Gen X, and Baby Boomer leadership teams can adjust to help fully integrate and engage young new team members. The webinar will also include a live Q&A session, allowing participants to seek advice and share experiences on fostering an inclusive workplace that harmonizes the strengths of all age groups.

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