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AIMHI | Best Practices for Mitigating EMS Supply Chain Challenges

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Join experts from high-performance, high-value EMS agencies across North America to learn how to minimize the impact of the global supply chain crisis on YOUR ambulance service. This 90 minute session includes diverse perspectives from mobile healthcare professionals of all stripes, from fleet and procurement managers to an esteemed EMS medical director. Don’t miss this FREE webinar at 15:00ET on April 13!

Shaun Curtis
Operations Manager
Medstar Mobile Healthcare
Staying Nimble in EMS Logistics

Josh Duffy
Senior Procurement Specialist
REMSA Health
Managing Procurement Post(ish) Pandemic: Inflation, Asset Replacement, and Service Contracts

Jake Duffy
Logistics Supervisor
REMSA Health
Shortages, Back Orders, and Recalls—Oh My!

Dan Fellows
Director of Support Services
Richmond Ambulance Authority
Where to Go When You Can’t Find What You’re Looking For

Randy McDougall
Commander Of Logistics and Planning
Niagara EMS
How Niagara EMS Creatively Tackled the N95 Shortage

C.W. Schwalbe
Manager, Emergency Medical Services Operations
Northwell Center for Emergency Medical Services
Contract and Vending Machines—Friend or Foe?

Dr. Jenny Wilson
Medical Director
REMSA Health
Paging Dr. MacGyver: A (Supply) Chain Full of Weak Links

Matt Zavadsky
Chief Strategic Integration Officer
Medstar Mobile Healthcare

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