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AIMHI | The Potential Role of Drones in EMS

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Cheating Time by Saving Lives from Cardiac Arrest or Opioid Overdose: The Potential Role of Drones

Free Webinar | August 22, 2024 | 13:00 ET
Hosted by The Academy of International Mobile Healthcare Integration
In this session, Dr. Joseph P. Ornato, distinguished professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in the Departments of Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine (Cardiology), will explore innovative strategies that address critical time-to-treatment challenges in emergency medical situations. Dr. Ornato will discuss the limitations of the out-of-hospital cardiac arrest ceiling in the Chain of Survival and how current response times can reduce the effectiveness of crucial interventions like defibrillation and drug administration. He will also cover the innovative use of drones in delivering life-saving treatments and highlight a groundbreaking four-year research project funded by the American Heart Association, conducted in collaboration with Duke University. This project focuses on developing FAA-certified Automated External Defibrillator (AED) drone delivery programs in North Carolina and Virginia, aiming to enhance bystander response capabilities and reshape emergency medical responses through advanced technology. Join us to gain valuable insights into boosting EMS effectiveness and potentially saving countless lives.

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