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ACE Office Hours: EMS Billing Companies

By Scott Moore and Katie Arens

This office hours session will be focused on how EMS billing companies can support their clients through the CMS Ground Ambulance Cost Data Collection process. The AAA offers education, expert advice from our Ambulance Cost Education (ACE) Faculty, and tools like Amber which are all free for AAA members. The AAA is also introducing a NEW feature in Amber – Invite External User. This function allows AAA members who are using the Amber software to invite their billing company representatives to help enter, verify and submit data in Amber.

This ACE Office Hours session is specifically for EMS billing companies and is an opportunity to ask and discuss your questions about cost collection, Amber, and what you can do to best help your clients through the cost data collection (and submission!) process.

Approved for 1.0 CEU

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