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On-Demand | 2022 Human Resource Manual Update

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By Alex Moore and Scott Moore

On-Demand | Free to Members | Presented by Scott Moore, Esq.
Operations and Clinical Webinar Series

The American Ambulance Association is excited to announce the release of the updated 2022 Human Resources Manual. During this webinar, the AAA’s HR and Operations Consultant, Scott Moore, will cover the important changes to the HR Manual based upon the legal and other regulatory developments that have occurred around the country over this past year and over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. The updated HR Manual includes the addition of numerous practice notes intended to provide EMS leaders with a more practical understanding of the legal principles that necessitate much of the language found in many of the sample policies in the HR Manual. Additionally, the practice notes provide suggestions for EMS agencies to better insulate the organization from legal liability. Attendees will have all of the information they need to ensure that they can meaningfully maximize the benefit of the using the AAA’s 2022 Human Resource Manual.

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