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On Demand | 2023 EMS Financial Success Webinar

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By Scott Moore and Sean Britton

Recorded May 31, 2023 | Speakers: Scott Moore, Esq. and Sean Britton, MPA.

EMS organizations continue to struggle with attracting and retaining employees. Many organizations are adjusting wage scales, offering sign-on bonuses, and stipends as primary mechanism to attract candidates. However, employees are looking for employment that supports their lifestyles and are selecting careers based upon the quality of life it provides. This occurs through providing your team with information about how their tax withholding and benefit enrollment decisions can impact their overall financial health. In this session, the AAA’s HR and Operations Consultant, Scott Moore, will be joined by Sean Britton, an experienced EMS/public safety-based financial planner and partner to businesses. Sean and Scott will try to untangle some of the often misunderstood and rarely discussed financial aspects of employment. We will offer best practices with benefit messaging and how to best financially support your team members.

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