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On-Demand | 10 Leadership Strategies for Workplace Mental Health

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By Scott Moore and Jeff Dill

March 14, 2024 2pm Eastern
Scott Moore, Esq. Moore EMS Consulting
Jeff Dill, Fire Fighter Behavioral Health Alliance

In 2023, both the U.S. Surgeon General and the Occupational Health & Safety Administration identified mental health, as one of the leading challenges for the American workplace. More specifically, they both identified healthcare workers at a significant risk for mental health and burnout, leading to both personal and professional crises. Join AAA Human Resources Consultant, Scott Moore, as he discusses the impacts of mental health on an EMS workplace, with the founder of Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance/Counselor Match, Jeff Dill. Jeff and Scott will discuss ten things that every EMS leader can, and should do to identify and mitigate workplace stress, mental health, and wellness. This session will provide tangible take-aways that leaders can immediately implement, to begin to change the trajectory for their team members.

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