Simple Steps to Begin Purchasing Grainger Products at a Discounted Rate: If you already have a Grainger account, please skip to step 6. 1. Go to and click the “Register Now” button at the top right hand corner of the screen. 2. On the Registration Page select your organization type. 3. Select “No. My company or organization does not have an account with Grainger.” 4. Complete the online form. 5. Fill in your contact information and set up your password 6. You will receive an email from Grainger within 24-48 hours confirming the approved Grainger account. 7. The email should contain a Grainger account number which you will need to attach your Grainger account to the Savvik contract pricing.  Call Julie Fontaine at 320-492-0349 or MIckey Schulte at 713-504-7737 to get your membership number.  You may also email to get this membership number. 8. After receiving your account number, fill out this online form.  This form will attach your account to the Savvik contract pricing….

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