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Medicare Legal Consultation Request

Thank you again for membership to AAA, as well as your service to the community. As part of your AAA member benefits package, you have have access to a 15-minute consultation with an attorney specializing in Medicare-related issues.

Please complete the request below. It will be shared with our Medicare legal consultant within two business days, and a response can be expected within ten business days. Should you have any questions, please contact Thank you for your continued support of AAA.

  • Please briefly summarize your question. Do not include any confidential patient or employee data in this form.
  • I authorize the American Ambulance Association (AAA) to share the inquiry above with their trusted attorney specializing in Medicare. I understand that my membership includes access to 15 minutes of consultation from AAA's attorney, and that billing for any additional time needed to resolve my request must be arranged directly with the firm.
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