Meet the Candidates

The 2020 AAA Election will once again be paperless and held entirely online. Primary contacts of Active Single State and Multi-State Members are permitted by AAA’s bylaws to vote in board elections.

Election Timeline

  • 9/30 | Voting Opens
    Election will be paperless and held online. Ballots will be delivered to AAA Active Member primary contacts via email.
  • 10/23 | Voting Closes 11:59pm
  • 11/3 | Election results announced at the 2020 Virtual AAA Annual Conference

Slate of Candidates

Thank you and best of luck to this year’s slate of talented and seasoned board candidates.

President-Elect (2)

President-Elect —2 Candidates


Randy Strozyk

Senior Vice President- Executive Operations
Global Medical Response
Tukwilla, WA

Candidate Statement

I ask for your support in my bid to become your President-Elect. My 40 years of industry experience, coupled with my extensive service to the AAA, including the last six years as secretary, has prepared me well for this mission-critical role.

None of us would have imagined that 2020 would bring such dramatic changes in our lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our association leadership and members rapidly evolved our 2020 plans to ensure we have provided needed educational programs and resources. Our members have responded to not only the communities they serve but other communities across the nation.

To garner the support necessary to meet the challenges born of a global health crisis, accompanied by social unrest that none of us could have imagined, our organization must speak with a unified voice. To accomplish that I am committed to working with you to ensure an environment that welcomes all views and inspires debate

I am committed to communication that will ensure you are well informed, enable you to provide feedback and will make certain that everyone’s voice is heard.

I respectfully ask for your vote for President-Elect. I am at a point in my career that I can commit the time and energy necessary needed. I have the support of the AMR/GMR leadership. Finally, and most importantly, I have the support of my wife Karma and my family. They understand and have embraced my passion for our industry and my desire to help ensure our industry continues to thrive.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. The changes in our world with COVID-19 pandemic has challenged EMS providers across the Country to adapt and change to ensure the provision of services to their communities and ensure the safety of their care givers.
  2. Building a powerful coalition between our association and our members to effectively advocate on Capitol Hill for all of our members issues including opposing efforts by the federal government to reduce reimbursement rates for Medicare and Medicaid services.
  3. We need to recruit the next generation of leaders to the Association, and engage them in developing our future.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. Continue the outstanding work our association has done in addressing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our members. Programs and services that have been created for our members provided much needed support. Pivoting our work on Capital hill to lobby for additional support for the new world we are all working in will need to continue and have the support of our membership.
  2. Education of our national leaders on the critical role our members provide to the public and need for fair reimbursement of costs of providing that service.
  3. Developing new and innovative means to deliver services to the citizens we serve.

Wayne Jurecki

Vice President / Chief Operating Officer
Bell Ambulance, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI

Candidate Statement

I started my EMS career working in various departments at Bell Ambulance, Inc. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, before becoming the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in 2011. My work at Bell has given me the opportunity to negotiate several service contracts, including our participation in the City of Milwaukee’s 911 system. I take great pride in Bell’s growth from three locations in Milwaukee to nine locations in Southeastern Wisconsin, and I consider the company’s success in serving the community as a big part of my success.

My involvement with the American Ambulance Association goes back to the early 1990’s, serving as the chair of the association’s Management Options Workgroup, co-chair of the Medicare Regulatory Committee, and speaker at webinars and conferences of the association. I am deeply honored to have been elected to serve as Director – Region III in 2015.

Aiming at leading the association to reach its goals, I am seeking election to the position of President-elect. Many providers are facing challenges as the industry is targeting long-term payment and regulatory reform, and shifting from a transportation-only model to mobile integrated healthcare. If selected as President-elect, I plan to adopt a holistic approach that takes into consideration the unique facets of all providers in order to achieve the needed reforms and ensure smooth transition. I am keen to employ my proactive and critical-thinking mindset, and leadership skills which I gained through 36 years of experience in EMS to help the association accomplish its mission to care for people-First.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. The sustainability assurance of EMS organizations due to increasing regulatory burdens imposed
    at federal, state and local levels.
  2. Ambiguous regulations and lack of clear guidance for coverage requirements of medically
    necessary, non-emergency ambulance transportation.
  3. Growing uncompensated and under-compensated care expenses.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. Achieve payment reform that ensures long-term reimbursement relief.
  2. Obtain professional and political recognition of the life-saving mobile healthcare services
    provided by our industry in addition to transportation services.
  3. Maintain and expand AAA’s influential position on regulatory issues through strong advocacy,
    political and community efforts.


Treasurer (1)

Treasurer Candidate

Julie Rose

Chief Executive Officer
Community Care Ambulance
Ashtabula, OH

Candidate Statement

Dear Friends & Colleagues, It has been my great pleasure to serve you as the AAA Treasurer in the past 2 years.

It has been a very remarkable time – starting with a transition of the AAA from an association management group to a stand alone operation – which I believe has truly strengthened our association. Through the transition, we made great strides in improved management reporting with enhanced accrual accounting and revised financial management policies to assure accurate and timely financial reporting to better serve you.

It goes without saying that we have experienced the unimaginable in the past 6 months but through the proactive hard work of the staff, board and committee members, we are maintaining a positive financial position. I would like to continue the work to keep us strong as we navigate the uncharted waters of next two years.

I believe I have the experience and breadth of knowledge to serve you as Treasurer on the Executive Committee. I have started and grown an ambulance company for the past 27 years that serves a cross section of urban and rural markets with both 911 and interfacility transports. I understand and address the same challenges you face daily as an ambulance provider and will work hard to find solutions to secure for our future as providers and our association.

I respectfully ask for your support to maintain serving you as your Association Treasurer. Thank you, Julie Rose

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. Ambulance operations to be recognized as a critical part of the healthcare infrastructure
  2. Adequate funding and appropriate use of resources
  3. Entrance of enough quality candidates to become frontline ems/ambulance healthcare workers to serve our nation;s needs and development of EMS/ambulance leadership candidates

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. Lead the advocacy for fair & equitable ambulance providers funding
  2. Lead the recognition of ambulance providers as a critical part of healthcare infrastructure to assure support
  3. Assure members collective needs are identified and addressed


Secretary (1)

Secretary Candidate

Jamie Pafford-Gresham  

President and CEO
Pafford Medical Services
Hope, AR

Candidate Statement

Our industry is at a crossroads and with the current pandemic, we have approached that crossing at full speed and find ourselves asking which way do we go? As the healthcare safety net, our communities depend on us and it is imperative we continue to educate, join together, and seek solutions that ensure our success as an industry and it is for these reasons I am seeking the position of Secretary of our Association.
It would be my honor to help lead our industry and association forward by ensuring we, as ambulance providers of all types and sizes, do not find ourselves lost in the shuffle as we watch our Nation struggle, our industry evolve, and healthcare continue to be pushed to its capacity.
I will continue to help define and defend our role as an association and industry as we look for our space within the healthcare spectrum. With over 37 years in EMS, I manage emergencies for a living, but one of my strongest assets is building relationships and listening to others. I believe in the importance of working together across all provider types, allowing every provider to be heard, regardless of their size or tax status, and finding solutions that advance EMS nationwide. By serving as your Government Affairs chairperson and being on the Board of Directors for many years, I feel I am prepared to take the next turn and ask for your support as I seek the position of AAA Secretary.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. REIMBURSEMENT: The financial security of our providers is critical to the continued growth, development, and stability of the industry and our association.
  2. INDUSTRY IDENTITY: Possibly the most significant contributing factor to all other issues we are faced with today is our identity crisis. As EMS moves from its infancy to adolescence, we find ourselves still searching for just who we are, where we want to be, and how we want to get there.
    Are we, as an industry, public safety or mobile healthcare? Are we field clinicians or glorified taxi drivers? Are we an extension of the greater healthcare model or are we simply facilitators of patient access? A clearer and more defined identity will effectively solidify our professions place in this country.
  3. RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION: The ability to train and retain EMS personnel is at a critical point. Shortages of medics can be felt across the country.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. COST COLLECTION: As CMS moves forward with Ambulance Cost Data Collection, it is vital that we as an association take ownership. We must ensure that all providers understand the cost collection procedures by educating providers nationwide on techniques, the importance of capturing proper data, how it affects our industry and the future of our reimbursement. This is an educational opportunity for our association.
  2. RECRUITMENT: Association growth equals strength in so many areas like Capitol Hill presence, committee level participation, and financial stability for the association. We must continue to build relationships, recruit members, and strengthen our foothold not only on Capitol Hill but with State associations as well to continue the dialogue and share our positions with government and elected officials.
  3. REIMBURSEMENT-FOCUS: As this is an exciting time for our industry, with ET3, Data Cost Collection, and many other issues on the table, we must not lose focus of our number one battle for proper reimbursement! Our providers continue to struggle with low rates nationwide and with discussions of surprise billing, arbitration of ambulance bills, and in-network providers, we must be vigilant in protecting our space and ensuring we can find equitable payments for our industry.


Region I (3)

Region I Director—3 Candidates

Region 1


Reginald Allen

Chief Executive Officer
CHS Mobile Integrated Health Care
Rochester, NY

Candidate Statement

I have been involved in EMS and the fire service for the past 40 years, serving in many capacities, including volunteer, career, paramedic, and management. I currently serve as AAA Board member as well as on the AAA on the Professional Standards Committee, Payment Reform Committee, and represent the AAA on the EMS 3.0 Committee. After serving two years as a board member, I am impressed with the board and their dedication to advancing EMS across the country. This past year has been difficult for all EMS agencies and I am proud to be involved with AAA in the effort to champion for financial and legislative relieve for EMS. I would value the opportunity to continue to work for you on the board.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. Stabilize and increase reimbursement for EMS service. Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement is woefully short of what it costs to provide EMS services, and the private insurers are not offsetting the losses as the payer mix is shifting to government-funded payers. Legislative action needs to continue to be sought for reimbursement for treatment in place and transport to alternate destinations.
  2. Recognition of Paramedics and EMTs as a profession and providing for a livable wage. The national shortage of Paramedics and EMT’s is exacerbated by the historically low pay and benefits for EMS.
  3. Community Paramedicine or similar programs to help reduce overall health care costs and have patients treated at the most appropriate location, be it home, urgent care, physician’s office, or emergency department.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. Increase engagement of the EMS Community at large. We need a collective voice to our communities and legislators to effect change in order to move our profession forward. A collective voice is critical as we enter into cost data collection. EMS across the country needs to be sharing data with CMS in a consistent manner.
  2. Lobby for stabilized and appropriate reimbursement for EMS services; be it transport treatment in place, or CPM programs. During COVID, CMS authorized treatment in place for COVID patients; we need to encourage Congress and CMS to expand that to all patients who are treated in place.
  3. Recognition of EMS as an essential emergency service for all communities. EMS agencies are closing their doors for lack of funding and or lack of personnel. We need to assure EMS across the country is recognized as an essential service, supported by the communities we serve.

Mike Addario

Vice President of Operations- Northeast
Global Medical Response
Syracuse, NY

Candidate Statement

While our industry and the AAA worked hard in the face of many recent challenges including cost reporting, growing reimbursement challenges and ET3, our industry is facing perhaps one of its greatest challenges we’ve ever faced as COVID hit our world. I’ve had the distinct privilege of representing Region 1 as a board member during these unprecedented times and want to continue representing such a great region as we move into the future.

I believe that the recent COVID situation truly showed the importance of a healthy EMS system. Ambulance services across the region faced lower transportation percentages while, in many cases, had to maintain similar readiness costs as they had pre-COVID. This created a very large stress on many organizations and systems given the industry’s antiquated reimbursement structure that focuses only on transport related events and not on the true delivery of healthcare.

At the same time, organizations had to rapidly adapt as things such as changing PPE requirements, employee safety in a COVID environment, telemedicine, mobile integrated healthcare (MIH) and community paramedicine became priorities.

Yet, the everyday stresses of running an ambulance business – recruitment, retention, capital needs, and reimbursement challenges – did not go away. Nor will they. We need to work more closely than ever to ensure we remain health, vibrant organizations capable of adapting and navigating these rapid changes.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Navigating our rapidly changing EMS world (COVID, changing federal regulations, changing COVID era economy, cost reporting, ET3, etc.)
2. Reimbursement and funding challenges.
3. Recruitment and retention.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. Continue advocating for the ambulance industry for the items I outlined above – reimbursement, strengthening and growing our EMS labor pool, and leading and guiding its members through our rapidly changing environment.
  2. Provide the tools and education necessary to keep members informed and equipped for these changing times.

Jim O’Connor

Vice President
Empress EMS
White Plains, NY

Candidate Statement

I am very interested in increasing my level of involvement in the American Ambulance Association by respectfully placing my name for consideration on the American Ambulance Association Board of Directors representing Region 1. This current year of 2020 has demonstrated the need for active participation by many to assure EMS is recognized as an integral part of the healthcare system and not as “just a transportation” service. We are so much more than that! If Covid-19 showed us anything, it is that we are the “front of the front line” heroes in times of national public health emergencies in the United States.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. Work (and fight) to get EMS to be recognized as the important and vital piece of the lifesaving fabric of healthcare in the United States.
  2. Work for Treat in Place as a reimbursable service for EMS and expand Community Paramedic programs across the country.
  3. Work to RECRUIT and RETAIN good EMTs, Paramedics, Communication Specialists, Billers and Customer Service staff so EMS is seen as CAREER,

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

Addressing the three points made related to issues in emergency healthcare.


Region II (2)

Region II Director—2 Candidates

Region 2



Conrad “Chuck” Kearns

Chief Executive Officer
Mercy Ambulance Service
Savannah, GA

Candidate Statement

I am writing to respectfully ask for your vote for AAA Region 2 Director.

I am the CEO of a single-county, emergency and non-emergency ambulance provider. We are a community-owned, not-for-profit agency. I however, have extensive executive experience in running For-Profit, Hospital-based, and County Government ambulance services. I understand the business challenges you face every day.

I’ve been involved with AAA on numerous committees while working for member companies for over 30 years. I have worked in several Region 2 states: Southeast and West Central Florida, Northwest and Southeast Georgia and Eastern Tennessee. I am very familiar with the numerous regulatory and reimbursement challenges facing all ambulance company operators throughout Region 2.

I am running because I want to work to increase our federal reimbursement amounts and reduce the red tape requirements we face every day.

Unlike others, I was not “told” to run for the AAA Board. I want to represent you and our region. I am a small provider running for Region 2 Director because I want to serve your business interests, grow our association and work hard to improve reimbursements and the business environment for all of us!

On a personal note, I am married with four children (two are adopted), a dog and a cat. I am very active in several community charitable associations and our church.

I hope you will trust and honor me with your vote. I will work hard for our region and won’t let you down!

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Better Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement.
2. Line of Duty Death Benefits for Private Agency employees.
3. More favorable treatment and recognition by Federal and State Governments for Pandemic Funding and Grants Programs.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Treatment in Place Reimbursement from Medicare
2. Permanent Medicare Funding Relief (no more periodic “add-ons”)
3. PSOB, Line of Duty Death Benefits for employees of private, for profit EMS agencies


Terence Ramotar

Director of Government Affairs
Global Medical Response
Tampa, FL

Candidate Statement

Not only has the Coronavirus Pandemic presented unprecedented challenges to ambulance services, it has also been a harsh reminder of the work ahead. Within the past 8 years of my involvement with the AAA, I’ve witnessed the remarkable work of our colleagues that has earned us a “seat at the table” on Capitol Hill. I’ve had the opportunity to serve as your Alternate Regional Director, chair the Education Committee, remain active on other committees and personally advocate on both the Federal and State level. Throughout these experiences, I’ve been fortunate to be a part of a team just as passionate about our mission as I – to deliver world-class mobile health care by maximizing reimbursement and efficiency. Although we’ve made tremendous strides, the challenges before this pandemic remain while new ones have emerged.

I remain committed to serving as a resource to you, advocating on your behalf and being a source of information in this rapidly changing environment. I’ve been fortunate to work alongside the services and associations in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Georgia and lend a hand in interpreting Federal relief, advocating for State waivers and financial relief. Whether you’re in rural Pennsylvania or in the busy corridor of Virginia, my commitment is to remain on the forefront of issues including PPE availability, prioritizing vaccinations, recruitment and reimbursement.

“A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats” is an appropriate theme for the next 2 years and I ask for your support in continuing to provide that leadership with the AAA.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Ensuring Federal and State relief initiatives include ground ambulance providers in a meaningful manner
2. Reimbursement to ensure sustainability of our operations
3. Recruiting and Retaining our Workforce

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Remaining focused on Federal advocacy efforts to continue to bring needed relief throughout this pandemic
2. Membership. Our strength is in numbers. While the AAA membership is strong, there still is the opportunity to become stronger and make our voices louder.
3. Reimbursement. Simply put, our reimbursement sources need to keep up with the cost of providing ambulance services and also allow innovation to improve our delivery models.

Region III (2)

Region III Director—2 Candidates

Region 3



Kim Godden

Vice President- Legal, Government Relations, and Compliance
Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc.
Elmhurst, IL

Candidate Statement

I am running for an additional term as Board Director for Region 3 to continue representing t our Region while assisting the Association in advocating for our Industry. In addition to serving on the Board, I am an active participant on both the Government Relations and Medicare Regulatory Committees, as well as participate in the COVID -19 Task Force and Payment Reform Committee and have chaired the Nonemergency Ambulance Task Force.

Region 3 includes both urban and urban areas and ambulance companies of different sizes, types and disciplines and I make sure all provider types, areas of EMS are represented, and concerns are vetted.

Through frequent travel to DC (and numerous calls during the pandemic), I advocate for our industry with members of Congress and HHS/CMS. I also serve on the Boards of the Illinois State Ambulance Association, the Indiana EMS Association and am an active member of the Michigan Association of Ambulance Services. Through this involvement, I bring state payment and regulatory issues (and solutions) to the AAA Board for discussion.

I look forward to continuing to use my knowledge, relationships and experience as we tackle the challenges we are facing: staffing shortages, inadequate reimbursement, and a lack of understanding and knowledge by regulators, payors and elected officials about our industry. EMS has often been a forgotten part of Healthcare and I am committed to make sure that EMS has a seat at the table going forward in every Healthcare Policy discussion.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. Staffing
  2. Inadequate Reimbursement
  3. Lack of Knowledge and Understanding of Industry by regulators, payors and elected officials

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. Continuing to leader industry in Payment Reform
  2. Combat staffing shortage issue
  3. Continue to educate regulators, payors and elected officials about industry


Tom Tornstrom

Executive Director
Gundersen Tri-State Ambulance
La Crosse, WI

Candidate Statement

Having represented Region III as an alternate AAA board member for the past three years, I am now running for the position of regional director. Overseeing two non-profit ambulance organizations which are part of a decent sized health system gives me a unique perspective on the AAA board of directors. I believe that being able to harness the collective advocacy of the many health systems which own or operate ambulance services is one of our profession’s keys to continued strength and growth relating to our role in healthcare. In addition to my advocacy for increased reimbursement, I will continue to push for additional treatment modalities, such as treatment in place and telehealth while understanding the reimbursement which must accompany such changes.

As the chair of the AAA Coronavirus Response Workgroup, my group receives regular communication on the number of individual EMS practitioners who have died as a result of the Coronavirus, often due to work related exposure. Any EMS LODD death is a tragedy and I feel strongly that the Public Safety Officer Death Benefit must be expanded to include all ambulance services.

Having many years’ of experience in the rural healthcare setting, I will advocate for increased reimbursement for rural ambulance services as well as ensure rural ambulance providers have a voice on the AAA board.

I would very much appreciate your vote and look forward to continued service on the AAA board.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1) Recruitment/retention into EMS
2) Reimbursement
3) Ensuring that EMS is considered an integral component of healthcare in the U.S.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1) Continued strong advocacy for reimbursement as it impacts almost everything we do or plan to do
2) Ensuring that we are an integral part of the changing landscape of healthcare
3) We need to continue advocating for PSOB death benefits for all EMS providers, not just government and non-profits

Region IV (4)

Region IV Director—4 Candidates

Region 4



Tom Fennell

Compliance Officer
Mayo Clinic Ambulance
Rochester, MN

Candidate Statement

In my 40 years in EMS, I have had the privilege of serving this industry in capacities from a volunteer EMT, being a care provider in a career service, active as a manager, experience with a state licensing agency and today, serving as an officer in an organization with a presence in multiple states. Throughout all of these experiences, the people I have worked with, the challenges we have faced, have brought me to the place I am today.

Our industry continues to evolve and adapt to expectations of patients and other healthcare providers all while being restricted in many ways by the reimbursement we received for these vital services. Being a member of the American Ambulance Association has provided our service the avenues necessary to be on the forefront in the reimbursement discussions as well as present when discussions among industry leaders take place on the future of EMS and the future of out-of-hospital care. Serving on the Board of Directors of this industry leading organization would be an honor. Representing services’ best interest in these areas is a great responsibility, one I would not take lightly.

My organization fully supports my application for this position and I look forward to participating, learning and leading, all while never forgetting the words of Dr. Will Mayo, the primary value we hold in such high regard at Mayo Clinic, “The needs of the patient come first”.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. Workforce recruitment and retention – we need to be open to changing the way we have done things or we will see more services fail
  2. Reimbursement to match costs of operation – all services need to understand the importance of the cost data collection project and the effects the results will have on the reimbursement of our industry
  3. Exploration, endorsement and execution of alternative delivery models of care (i.e. treat in place, hospital in the home, shared staffing)

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. Continued presence and voice at the Capitol representing membership and the industry
  2. Expand reach to better include small providers who do not understand the benefits of the AAA, become involved in areas and organizations these services are involved in, state associations, identify and promote benefits to both organizations building a stronger and better represented industry.
  3. Demonstrate to payers true costs of ambulance operations, driving reimbursement to realistic and sustainable levels.

David Tetrault

Administrator/Chief Executive Officer
St. Francois County Ambulance District
Farmington, MO

Candidate Statement

Presently I serve as a member of the Board of Directors for Region IV as well as AAA’s Membership Committee Chair. In this capacity, I led the growth of the Association’s reach and membership by more than 100 new organizations in 2020 alone.

I have a track record of commitment to EMS issues, as well as the ability to attend meetings and the time to commit to the position of the Board and AAA. I am eager to travel within Region IV for concerns that need to be heard, as well as to help the smaller services with administrative support for activities beyond the borders of my Ambulance District. My Board of Directors has continuously supported and encouraged my involvement in the State of Missouri and National EMS issues.
In my years of service to AAA and the industry, I am proud to have helped make great progress. I hope that you will vote for me so that I can continue to work to support better outcomes for EMS providers, including sustainable reimbursement for ambulance services. This can only happen with your support as we work to educate Congress about EMS and the issues we face every single day in America—especially as we serve on the front lines of the pandemic.

I have the experience, knowledge, and compassion to get things done. Please vote for me in 2020. I promise to keep you up to date key advocacy and operational issues, raise any concerns with my fellow board members for resolution, and ensure that your voice is heard on the national stage.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. Reimbursement and financial sustainability.
  2. Education and professional standards across the United States.
  3. The elevation of the perception of EMS and First Responders on the national and state levels

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. Education, training, focused work on reimbursement for ambulance services throughout the country
  2. Communications to its members and growing strength in numbers and voices across the country
  3. Moving EMS forward and continuing to make our voices heard loud and clear, and that we are here to stay.
    keeping up with all the healthcare changes and reforming EMS for the future. And elevating the perception of EMS as healthcare providers vs transportation

Rachel Harracksingh

Life Ambulance Service, Inc.
El Paso, TX

Candidate Statement

My name is Rachel B. Harracksingh, I am President of Life Ambulance Service, Inc., in El Paso, Texas. I am excited to have this opportunity to run for Region IV Director.

Education – Masters in Business Administration, Bachelors in Healthcare Administration. In addition , I am a Veteran served in the U.S Army.

If elected, I will work hard to represent Region IV. in a professional and diligent manner.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. The lack of Reimbursement
  2. Personnel Shortage
  3. Managing through COVID 19 in 2020.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. Reimbursement
  2. More education on retention
  3. Treat and Release funding

Asbel Montes

Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives
Acadian Ambulance Service, Inc.
Lafayette, LA

Candidate Statement

Mahatma Gandhi penned the words “If you want to change the world – be the change.” Simple statement. Profound words.

Change starts with me. Change starts with you.

I have been involved with the American Ambulance Association for years. For the past several years, I have been privileged to be the Chair of the Payment Reform Committee. My passion is the ambulance community and ambulance reimbursement policy. We should never give up on ensuring that the healthcare industry as a whole understands the value of our profession, the care we provide in our communities and that we are more than just “ambulance drivers.”

We are providers of healthcare, not just in the back of an ambulance.
We are providers of healthcare, not just ambulance drivers.
We are providers of healthcare. Period.

I am Asbel Montes and I am running for the American Ambulance Association Board of Directors, Region IV. I approved this message.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. Workforce shortages & compensation
  2. Current reimbursement & reform compensation model to align with care provided
  3. Accurate Cost Data Collection

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. Workforce shortages & compensation
  2. Current reimbursement & reform compensation to align with care provided
  3. Accurate Cost Data Collection

Region V (2)

Region V Director—2 Candidates

Region 5



Paul Pedersen

Managing Partner
Arizona Ambulance Transport
Sierra Vista, AZ

Candidate Statement

I have had the good fortune to represent the western region since Nov 2016. I have come to recognize the importance of the association’s advocacy in D.C. on behalf of all of us. I view this as the most important mission of the AAA. Without it, we’d be forgotten in the distribution of federal reimbursements and other funding. I’ve been on Capitol Hill advocating for us seven times in the past three years. I’ve met with and developed relationships with members of congress and their health care staffers. I’ve also participated in a number of fundraisers for friendly members of Congress. If re-elected, I pledge to continue to advocate for all of us; big or small, private or not for profit, rural or urban.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. Appropriate and fair Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements.
  2. Recruiting.
  3. Retention.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. Advocacy in Congress for fair and appropriate Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements as well as other funding sources.
  2. Assist members in developing recruiting and retaining employees.
  3. Provide learning opportunities to the membership (e.g. annual conference, webinars, etc.)

JD Fuiten

Owner & President
Metro West Ambulance Service, Inc.
Hillsboro, OR

Candidate Statement

My experience in urban and rural pre-hospital healthcare has given me a unique perspective of how our service is provided to a variety of communities. As a former Secretary of the AAA and Region V Director, I have been involved with many of you over the past several decades to ensure that providers of EMS have a respected and listened to seat at the table with elected officials. I hope to have that opportunity again.

As an independent provider, I have worked closely with the AAA and its’ membership to promote our industry’s issues to elected officials. As federal reimbursement has not kept pace with the sophistication of the delivery of emergency medicine, members of the AAA have become more organized to lobby our elected officials and I look forward to continuing to lead this effort.

As we work through a world-wide pandemic, I want to continue to be your voice of fairness and change to make sure that you are heard and that your communities continue to receive reliable EMS.

I will also work closely with the AAA to ensure that educational opportunities at quarterly and annual meetings address the specific concerns facing ambulance operators today, whether these meetings are in person or virtual. I am personally committed to developing and supporting leaders in EMS and providing relevant training and workshops to address specific industry concerns. I believe that my experience as an EMT, manager, president and owner of an ambulance company provides insight into these issues.

None of this can be done alone and I look forward to your partnership. EMS is a team of providers who must continue to have vision and drive to lead the way – as your representative of Region V – I will make sure that you are fully represented and equipped to continue to provide quality EMS that you are privileged to serve.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Reimbursement
2. Regulations and oversight
3. Recruitment and retention

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Reimbursement
2. Assisting the federal government in providing reimbursement for paramedic mobile healthcare
3. Providing workshops and trainings in a Covid environment for AAA members


Ethics Committee Candidates

Allyn Girard

Golden Cross Ambulance
Region 1

Reason for interest in Ethics Committee

I would be interested in supporting ethical issues as they relate to our industry. As someone who is hands on as a provider and owner my perspective would bring a unique diversity to the discussion.

Moises Segovia

Life Star EMS
Region 4

Reason for interest in Ethics Committee

My name is Moises Segovia CEO of Life Star Ems from Edinburg, Tx. I’ve been a business owner for more then 10 years. My main goal has always been to help the community with companies that I’ve had. I’ve always supported and sponsored non profit organizations. I know from experience that Ems employees often face difficulties when making decisions during emergency situations. Such situations can raise ethically challenging questions about what would be the most appropriate or preferred course of action. I believe with my experience I can offer assistance in addressing ethical issues that arise in patient care. I would also take this role as a learning experience. I would share what I learn from this committee and help my local Ems community.