Honorary Membership

The American Ambulance Association accepts written nominations for worthy AAA members who have significantly contributed to the accomplishments of the AAA and should therefore be recognized through the granting of Honorary Membership. The name(s) of anyone nominated for this category of membership, as well as the text of the nomination will be forwarded to the Nominating Committee for consideration.

Honorary Membership Nomination

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    Please complete the following fields for yourself (the person submitting the nomination). For self-nominations, please complete both nominator and nominee fields about yourself.
  • Nominators must work for organizations maintaining an active AAA membership.
  • Nominee Details

    Please complete the fields below about the individual you would like to nominate as an honorary member.
  • Nominees must work for organizations maintaining an active AAA membership.
  • Please provide details about why you feel the nominee should be considered for honorary membership to the American Ambulance Association.
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