The 2018 AAA Election will once again be paperless and held entirely online. Primary contacts of Active Single State and Multi-State Members are permitted by AAA’s bylaws to vote in board elections.

Election Timeline

  • 7/30 | Voting Opens
    Ballots will be delivered to AAA Active Member primary contacts via email from If you have questions about your organization’s voter, please email Aidan Camas at
  • 8/27 | Voting Closes 11:59pm
  • 9/7 | Election results announced at the 2018 AAA Annual Conference & Tradeshow.

Slate of Candidates

Thank you and best of luck to this year’s slate of talented and seasoned board candidates.

President-Elect (1)

President Elect—1 Candidate

Shawn Baird

Woodburn Ambulance Service, Inc.
Woodburn, OR

Candidate Statement

Our shared experience as leaders in EMS is truly remarkable. We have collectively over the years moved the standards of the industry leaps and bounds, brought billions of dollars in Medicare reimbursement relief, and fought off too many threats to count. Communities and patients all across America benefit from our work every moment of every day.

It has been my honor to serve our association in many roles over the past 25 years. As a Regional Board Member, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-Chair of Government Affairs Committee. The relationships I have built in Congress while helping to lead our successful effort for extension of the add-on payments will serve the AAA well as move forward. These experiences have given me a deep insight into the AAA, our member’s needs, and the associations strengths and weaknesses. I am excited to continue that service, with your support, in a new role. It is my honor to stand for election as your AAA President.

We recently enjoyed hard fought success on our legislative agenda. That success has put the pressure on for us to drive the high stakes process of cost data collection that will define our industry for years to come. At the same time, we must address a vast array of other issues, both known and yet to be revealed.

I believe my experience in the industry as an owner operator and paramedic, coupled with my AAA leadership roles, would be a great asset to you as your next President of the American Ambulance Association. I ask for your support in that effort.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

Finance and reimbursement remains our top priority. Everyday systems are stretched to the breaking point trying to deliver quality care with inadequate financing. Developing companies and workforce for the future are the next top priorities. Our organizations and staff will face a rapidly changing healthcare environment in the coming years. Creating a stable pipeline of excellent future employees and organizations that are responsive to future needs is a tremendous challenge we all face.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

Our most immediate need is for the AAA to continue as the industry leader in helping CMS develop and implement congressionally mandated cost data reporting. This is essential for our industry to achieve proper reimbursement in the future. We must also take every possibility to recognize that all ambulance services and EMS workers deserve equal access to opportunity whether it be grant funding, PSOB, or fuel tax. We all provide the same essential service to the public. Finally, we must provide outstanding education and other programs to our AAA members so that they may thrive!

Treasurer (1)

Treasurer—1 Candidate

Julie Rose

CEO/Executive Director; Board Secretary/Treasurer
Community Care Ambulance
Ashtabula, OH

Candidate Statement

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

The AAA Robert L. Forbuss Life Time Achievement Award was meaningful in my life. Through God’s grace, my lifetime is not over, and so I have decided that my service to the AAA should not be over either – I want to serve you as Treasurer.

I have responded to the same issues facing you & our association, preparing me to respond to today’s challenges. I believe challenges turn into opportunities. I want to serve you & our association to maximize them. Reference my objectives in the priorities & please support my candidacy.

I thank you in advance & welcome your feedback, Julie Rose

  • 30 yrs healthcare; 25 EMS founding CEO; BS in BA; EMT inactive
  • Grew CCA to a successful market position. I don’t allow reimbursement & resource challenges control destiny.
  • Experience in EMS – 10 communities, urban, rural & Interfacility – large & community healthcare systems; Full service operations including EMD & in house fleet maintenance and billing.
  • 15 yrs volunteer leadership; Board of the AAA, Committee Chair and membership positions.
  • President of the State Association & Governor appointed State EMS Board; broadening my perspective of government & effective advocacy for our needs. Faced the challenges of balancing association budgets.
  • Active participation in advocacy initiatives at both the AAA federal and state through serving on and supporting AMBUPAC, hosting & supporting key leader fund raisers as well as walking the Hill for over 25 years advocating for our needs.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Funding in relationship to cost
2. Talent management
3. The perceived value of inter-facility in the healthcare continuum from legislators’ and customers’ perceptions is lower than the true value to healthcare

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. As the leader of assuring government funding for our service(s), we must influence the gathering of appropriate cost information to create payment models that support our necessary and valuable contribution to healthcare and safety
2. Communicate the value of our contribution in the healthcare continuum to increase legislative support for development of EMS/mobile healthcare – funding and opening markets for the AAA membership profile; assure the need for appropriate interfacility ambulance is understood and supported)
3. Influence & support the entrance & retention of talent into EMS/Mobile Healthcare through the communications of our value in the healthcare continuum

Secretary (1)

Secretary—1 Candidate

Randy Strozyk

Executive Vice President
American Medical Response
Seattle, WA

Candidate Statement

I am running for re-election to the position of Secretary and I ask for your vote.

Our industry faces many challenges in the coming years and I want to work with you to meet them. The ongoing threat of reduced reimbursement rates for Medicare and Medicaid, the uncertainties created by health care reform and the current tough economic times mean we have to work harder than ever in Washington DC and State Capitals to effectively make our voice heard.

In my career I have worked for a small rural ambulance company and one of the largest ambulance companies in the United States. You have my commitment that regardless of the size of your company, I will listen and respond to your concerns.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. Education of our national leaders on the critical role our members provide to the public and need for fair reimbursement of costs of providing that service.
  2. Developing new and innovative means to deliver services to the citizens we serve.
  3. Adapting to new social/health challenges such as the opioid epidemic

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. Building a powerful coalition between our association and our members to effectively advocate on Capitol Hill for all of our members issues including opposing efforts by the federal government to reduce reimbursement rates for Medicare and Medicaid services.
  2. We need to recruit the next generation of leaders to the Association, and engage them in developing our future.
  3. Communicate and promote the benefits of private ambulance services to policy makers, opinion leaders and the public at large.

Region I (3)

Region I Director—3 Candidates

Region 1


Mike Addario

Vice President of Operations – New York
American Medical Response
Syracuse, NY

Candidate Statement

Last November I had the honor and privilege of being elected to the AAA board. I’ve certainly learned a lot over the last seven months! One of my very first duties as a board member was to advocate for the reinstatement of our Medicare add-ons during a very challenging political time. In February, after yeoman’s work by our AAA members, Congress passed a 5-year extension of the Medicare add-ons.

Through this process, I witnessed firsthand how hard the AAA and its staff works on behalf of our industry. This was an important achievement, but requires that the ambulance industry develop a cost reporting process. To that end, I volunteered (and continue to volunteer) to work on a small ad-hoc committee to develop recommendations for the AAA board about the best way the AAA can get involved to help its members as we enter this new cost reporting world.

A year ago, during my initial board campaign, I said that I firmly believed we all share the same goal – to serve our communities and customers with excellence in care in a rapidly changing environment that presents growing challenges to our industry.

It was my desire then to be an advocate and it is my desire today to continue being an advocate for Region 1 as we work toward the future.

Thank you for your consideration!

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

Based on my personal experience, I believe the top three issues impacting our industry are:

1. EMS provider recruitment and retention
2. Reimbursement and Cost Reporting Requirements
a. Declining reimbursement
b. Antiquated reimbursement models
c. The need for each ambulance service to start cost reporting to Medicare or risk losing Medicare funding.
3. Outdated regulatory environment at the federal and many state levels

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

I believe the AAA provides a strong, unified voice for our industry. From my perspective, the AAA’s top priorities should be tied to those things that strengthen our long-term sustainability. These include:

  1. Recognition and promotion of the ambulance industry’s current and future role in the healthcare spectrum, especially as it relates to the role of our EMS professionals. We need to transition away from the paradigm of transportation and focus on our evolving role as a key member of the healthcare community.
  2. Payment reform to ensure a long-term, financially sustainable reimbursement model for our industry that is reflective of our changing environment. In concert with payment reform, we should focus on equal access to federal funding opportunities for workforce development. In 2012, total federal funding obligated to healthcare workforce development exceeding $14 billion.
  3. Regulatory reform that positions our industry to be able to more readily adapt to our changing role within healthcare so we can continue to bring high quality care to our patients and the communities we serve well into the 21st century. We also need to continue advocating for regulatory reform that leads to a more streamlined focus on fraud, abuse and waste while easing regulatory burdens placed upon ambulance services.

Reginald Allen

Chief Executive Officer
CHS Mobile Integrated Health Care
Rochester, NY

Candidate Statement

I began my EMS service as an Explorer at the Gates Volunteer Ambulance in 1978. In 1980 (when I was 18 years old) I became a medic for the same ambulance corps. At that time advanced first aid was all that was needed to be a medic. I also joined the Gates Volunteer Fire Department in 1980. I attained EMT certification in 1983 and rose through the ranks at Gates Ambulance and served for five years as the Chief of Operations. I also rose through the ranks at the Volunteer Fire Department and attained the rank of Battalion Chief. I was working full time in the Safety Department in health care during this time. I also worked part-time at a commercial ambulance service providing 911 emergency service to the City of Rochester, NY. After attaining my paramedic certification, I taught Paramedic classes between 1997 and 2002 at the local Community College and started up a paramedic program at Jefferson Community College in Watertown, NY. I was hired as the Chief of Ontario County Advanced Life Support in 2004 and served in that position until 2007. I was appointed as the Chief of Henrietta Ambulance in 2007, in 2017 Henrietta Ambulance merged with Chili Ambulance and Scottsville Ambulance and our corporation name was changed to CHS Mobile Integrated Health Care (CHS MIHC), and I was named CEO of the newly formed corporation.

I have been involved in EMS and the fire service for the past 38 years, serving in many capacities, including volunteer, career, paramedic, and management. I currently serve the AAA on the Professional Standards Committee, Payment Reform Committee, and represent the AAA on the EMS 3.0 Committee. I am interested in advancing the efforts of the AAA by learning from and sharing with fellow members of the AAA.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. Increase reimbursement for EMS service. Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement is woefully short of what it costs to provide the service, and the private insurers are not offsetting the losses as the payer mix is shifting to government-funded payers
  2. Recognition of Paramedics and EMTs as a profession and providing for a livable wage.
  3. Community Paramedicine or similar programs to help reduce overall health care costs and have patients treated at the most appropriate location, be it home, urgent care, physician’s office, or emergency department.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. Increase engagement of the EMS Community. We need a collective voice to our communities and legislators to effect change to move our profession forward.
  2. Lobby for stabilized and appropriate reimbursement for EMS services, be it transport or CPM programs, by gaining recognition as a provider service.
  3. Recognition of EMS as an essential emergency service for all communities.

Patrick Tyler

President and Chief Executive Officer
Lifeline Ambulance Service
Woburn, MA

Candidate Statement

Pointedly, there are a host of challenges faced by EMS agencies and services across the USA. Common issues of a dwindling workforce, downward pressure on reimbursement and cost containment, combined with an immediate need for professionalization of our industry points to a need for the AAA to aptly balance its priorities.

Over time, the AAA and its leaders have tirelessly pursued solutions to components of these problems. Their efforts have set the stage for new thinking on these solutions to these problems, among the others that regionally affect each of us.

Answering the business challenges such that those who answer the call are adequately prepared to successfully deliver high quality clinical care is my focus.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. Integration of clinical quality and reimbursement
  2. Diminishing workforce
  3. Rapidly growing wage pressure

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. Growth in reimbursement as a sustainable policy standard.
  2. Professional development surrounding expectations of minimum professional behavior.
  3. Develop a strategy to help leverage technology across the diverse spectrum of operators.

Region II (4)

Region II Director—4 Candidates

Region 2


David Grayson

Chief Executive Officer
CareMed EMS
Oxford, MS

Candidate Statement

I would consider it an honor to serve on the AAA Board of Directors. EMS has been a part of my whole adult life and it is something that I am very passionate about. I believe that every ambulance company should be a member of the AAA as they all benefit from its activities and the only way to be in control of our future is to be involved in the process. I would like to be a part of the group that is molding the future of our healthcare industry and not just sit on the sideline and reap the benefits.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Overutilization – too many patients are utilizing emergency healthcare and primary care.
2. Funding – as we are all expected to do more and the cost of providing services and purchasing equipment goes higher, our funding is level or decreasing. As my grandmother used to say “there is only so much blood you can get out of a turnip”.
3. Transport based reimbursement – Today the only way we get paid is to transport a patient and this makes no sense when many of our patients could be treated at home, referred to some other provider, or just given some tender loving care. This would dramatically effect the cost of emergency services.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Increased membership – every ambulance service in this country should be a member of the AAA.
2. Increased relationships with state associations – many of these state associations have grassroots contacts with senators and congressmen and are involved in legislative initiatives at the state level with possibly national consequences. Additionally, it would be helpful to share experiences between state associations.
3. Advocacy – of course the top priority is to advocate for our industry in Washington.

Jon Howell

Chief Executive Officer
Huntsville Emergency Medical Services, Inc.
Huntsville, AL

Candidate Statement

My goal is to serve our association actively by leveraging the collective experience of the District 2 members to strengthen our shared knowledge base as we move into the future of paramedicine.

As a 37-year veteran of EMS, I have held multiple positions within my organization in Alabama including communications, operations, training, finance, and administration. I am fortunate to have held the position of Chief Executive Officer for this great not-for-profit EMS organization for 17 years . We serve our community of over 350,000 residents with the highest standards of care by ensuring that our employees have the tools and training for maximum success.

I want to draw on my experience with my EMS organization to benefit AAA by building an informed membership while providing the tools our members need for success in their home organizations and in our advocacy efforts for the EMS industry. I want to grow the association into a stronger body by encouraging more colleagues to join us in our efforts.
In supporting our association, I’ve always tried to engage members through committees, task forces, and getting to know people in this industry from all over our country. I believe there is no substitute for one-on-one contact to increase the benefit to individual members of a professional organization like ours.

In my personal life, I am married and a father. I am a fiscal conservative and very active in my church.

I would be honored to have your support for Region 2 Director this year.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

I believe the top three issues currently facing EMS are provider wellness, available resources, and quality incentives.

1. As a top priority, we must provide better access to quality care for our providers’ mental well-being. By raising awareness about provider wellness issues and being acutely aware of co-workers in crisis, we can help to mitigate negative aspects of the job and even prevent death by suicide.
2. Another vital issue involves the capacity of our emergency healthcare system to provide enough resources to meet demand. Our emergency healthcare system is stressed beyond its capacity. We need increased resources to avoid “wall times,” translating into approval of compensation for more types of destinations and for some treatments without transport.
3. The third major issue facing our industry is impact of looming quality incentives. How we align those incentives with our industry will be critical to all of us, but especially to the survival of our small providers in every-day America.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

My three main priorities for AAA are providing good data to stabilize reimbursement streams, increasing below-cost payments, and growing the association.

1. First, stabilizing reimbursement streams is a critical concern in the industry. Addressing this issue – including upcoming cost data collection efforts – will be a priority for our association. Making sure all providers submit good data will be crucial, and we need to take steps to help all providers provide the very best data possible across the board.
2. Second, using this data to increase below-cost payments is another priority. As an association, we must continue to promote a unified message to all affected audiences that reimbursement must cover our costs at a minimum. The ultimate goal is to influence decision-making at every level to create a permanent solution for reimbursement.
3. The third priority is growing and strengthening our association. This will allow us to deliver our platform from a unified position in order to reach our goals. A strong and healthy association will allow us to be far more effective and should be an area of primary focus for us all.

Chuck Kearns

Chief Executive Officer
Mercy Ambulance Service d/b/a Chatham EMS
Savannah, GA

Candidate Statement

I believe that AAA is uniquely situated to play a leading role in addressing the perplexing issues suppliers large and small face on a daily basis. I have been fortunate to serve patients in many Region 2 states and in many different EMS models. I have directed a small rural governmental service and have directed one of the largest systems in the country that are in the AAA region 2 footprint. It has also been a pleasure to work in other systems and states in roles from Compliance Officer to CEO, but now I am grateful to be back in Region 2 as CEO of Mercy Ambulance in Savannah. I understand the financial problems suppliers in this region face. I understand reimbursement struggles that suppliers in this region face. My goal if you honor me as a representative from Region 2 will be to advocate above all else more money to the fee schedule. I am excited about all the other avenues of reimbursement being explored by the association, but what Region 2 suppliers need is an increase in reimbursement from Medicare and a reduction in regulatory burdens, now.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Shortfall in Reimbursement
2. Shortage of clinicians
3. Overutilized and overcrowded Emergency Rooms

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Increased payments through the Fee Schedule
2. Reduce Federal Regulatory Burdens
3. Strengthen Relationships with other EMS Stakeholders

Terence Ramotar

Regional Director
American Medical Response
Tampa, FL

Candidate Statement

I have been privileged to serve the American Ambulance Association in various roles over the past several years including committee member, Director and currently the Chair of the Education Committee. I’ve previously served as the Region 2 Alternate Director and, with your support, hope to represent our region as Director for the upcoming term.

My 25 years of working within the EMS industry includes volunteer services, non-profit agencies and both small and large EMS organizations. Currently overseeing multiple operations throughout Florida and Georgia, I’m seeing firsthand how regulatory and economic pressures are impacting the care we deliver as clinicians. Faced with declining reimbursement, increasing operational costs, regulatory restrictions and a changing workforce, ambulance services face pressures that may seem insurmountable. However, value and quality cannot be negotiated. Our industry has a moral mandate to serve our communities with excellence, and in the best interest of the public’s health and well-being.

I believe it’s time for the next generation to “step up” and become actively involved. I bring a deep commitment to integrity and a core belief in servant leadership. I look forward to providing the leadership necessary to help bring our AAA membership together, advocate on the region’s behalf and champion efforts that provide value to our services.
I wholeheartedly ask for your support in doing so.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Federal under-reimbursement for ambulance services continue to threaten the quality of the services we provide to our communities. Although the AAA has had some recent wins, we must continue aggressive efforts to be reimbursed at sustainable levels.
2. Human Resource challenges stress our services nationwide on two fronts. The demand for Paramedics are quickly exceeding the supply. Subsequently, the talent pool is shrinking. Our legendary EMS leaders from the past twenty years are retiring and succession planning is becoming problematic.
3. A renewed vision for the future of EMS in a rapidly changing healthcare environment is now a dire need. Healthcare calls for reform, but how EMS becomes part of the collaborative solution is yet to be determined.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Reimbursement. The AAA needs to continue its strong voice on Capitol Hill and protect against further threats while advocating for additional relief.
2. Membership. Our strength is in numbers. While the AAA membership is strong, there still is the opportunity to become stronger.
3. Leadership Development. By continuing to expand learning opportunities and sharing its wealth of knowledge, the AAA is and should continue to be the primary source for industry information and education.

Region III (2)

Region III Director—2 Candidates

Region 3


Kim Godden

Vice President – Legal, Compliance & Government Relations
Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc.
Elmhurst, IL

Candidate Statement

I have served on the Board for the last six years representing Region III advocating for our Industry and would like to continue this advocacy and service. I am currently advocating for fair reimbursement and regulation for EMS in D.C. through my position on the Board and as Chair of the Non-emergency Ambulance Transportation Task Force. Specifically, I am working with AAA staff and consultants and individuals I have previously worked with who are now at HHS and CMS to eradicate unnecessary and burdensome regulations. I have also worked with Cong. Darin LaHood (IL) for successful introduction of legislation necessary to modify the offset used for the latest Medicare add-on extension; this legislation is needed to avoid additional financial burden on our members. Through the Task Force, I am assisting members with issues and concerns related to managed care and transportation brokers. In addition to reimbursement issues, I am also interested in assisting the AAA with combating the current EMS staffing shortage that is affecting our Region.

Region III includes both urban and rural areas and ambulance companies of different sizes, types and disciplines; as a Board Member, I make sure that all issues are discussed and decisions are made with all members in mind. I work closely within the states our company operates in to advance EMS initiatives and concerns with government regulators, payers and other associations/industries and enjoy being able to bring these experiences to the AAA to assist other members and regions.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Educating politicians, regulators, and payers about non-fire based EMS
2. Attracting and retaining EMTs in our industry
3. Obtaining proper and fair reimbursement and regulation

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Leading a campaign to combat the current staffing shortage our industry is experiencing
2. Secure proper and fair reimbursement through accurate cost data collection
3. Create various PR platforms for AAA, state associations and members to educate politicians, regulators, and payers about non-fire based EMS


Tom Tornstrom

Executive Director
Gundersen Tri-State Ambulance
La Crosse, WI

Candidate Statement

Greetings, I have served as an alternate AAA board member for Region 3 for just under one year. Alternate directors serve a one-year term and mine is up! During the first year, I have been learning and listening to the very knowledgeable and experienced board members and staff. I am extremely impressed with the connections our AAA staff and board have in Washington D.C. and at the state levels. As this first year was a learning process, I hope to continue for a second term and really be able to represent our members. I’ve been in EMS for 28 years and have served in numerous roles throughout my career. I understand EMS from the ground level to the top. I would greatly appreciate your vote!

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Reimbursement
2. Staffing
3. Rural Sustainability

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Reimbursement
2. Advocacy in all related issues
3. A voice for EMS

Region IV (2)

Region IV Director—2 Candidates

Region 4



Angela McLain

Chief Compliance Officer
Emergency Medical Services Authority
Oklahoma City, OK

Candidate Statement

I would like to continue to represent Region 4 on the Board of Directors for the American Ambulance Association.

I have been in the financial services sector of the healthcare industry for nearly 25 years, with the last eight of those years at EMSA. We are in a new era in our industry with the passing of the Cost Data Collection Survey process. The Board, over the next few years, will make tough decisions regarding finances, the future of the industry, and decisions on the ability to provide resources that are necessary to help our members move through the Cost Data Survey process. Over the past five years, I have been engaged with the American Ambulance Association in reviewing the Cost Data Survey possibilities, and will continue to provide input to help members in Region 4 to navigate through this new process.

The EMS industry is challenging work, especially understanding the regulatory confinements of the rules and laws that govern our industry, particularly those that dictate how we operate and are reimbursed, and understanding the diversity of suppliers within our industry to consider when making decisions. This is even more reason we must work together to advocate for higher reimbursement and better recognition as a healthcare entity.

I’m excited about where our industry is headed. I feel my experience and knowledge is a continued fit as the Region 4 Board of Director with the American Ambulance Association.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. Shortage of staffing with EMTs and Paramedics
  2. Inability to obtain appropriate data to reflect the industry’s cost and quality of patient care
  3. Adequate reimbursement

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. To work as close as possible with Centers of Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) on the implementation of the Cost Data Survey Collection Process.
  2. To provide affordable resources for the AAA members to help them to be successful in their implementation of monitoring and reporting of their cost data to CMS.
  3. To continue to work on obtaining permanent Medicare add-ons for Medicare reimbursement; and to continue to look at and work on different payment methodologies for the industry.

Doug Hooten

Chief Executive Officer
MedStar Mobile Healthcare
Fort Worth, TX

Candidate Statement

America’s healthcare system is rapidly transforming. Healthcare finance reform has created a dramatically new environment for all types of providers, including ambulance providers. The leadership of the American Ambulance Association needs to prepare its members to navigate this new environment. MedStar Mobile Healthcare has successfully capitalized on this new environment and if re-elected, I will continue to assist the members of the Association thrive in this new environment.

Working with local and national officials, I hear all too often their frustrations about the complexity of the financial models of our industry, and the difficulty assessing value metrics to ambulance service provision. We must help our membership and industry enhance our ability to articulate the value we bring to our healthcare system stakeholders. The AAA should be taking the lead to improve the financial acumen and economic agility of our industry, allowing us to test new payment models. At MedStar, we have done exactly that – testing several new payment models, including the first prospective, per member/per month (capitated) payment model for ambulance and MIH services with a large national commercial payer.

Our customer’s expectations are changing – most notably, the desire to carefully shift from volume-to-value based economic models. Many ambulance providers are currently ill prepared to make this shift, primarily because we have not taught them how. Having worked with numerous external partners on demonstrating the value we bring, as your Region IV representative, one of my goals will be to help facilitate educational opportunities based on value-based payment models to the AAA members.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. The changing expectations of current customers and entrance of new customers for our services into the market.
  2. Demonstrating “value” of our service delivery model, or changing the model to demonstrate value.
  3. Transitioning from fee for service to alternate outcome and value-based payment models.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. Developing a cost reporting process that represents the true cost of service delivery and using this to make the temporary Medicare add-ons permanent.
  2. Changing our payment focus away from simply FFS payment to types of value-based payment model that pays us for the care we provide rather than the transport we supply.
  3. Collaborating on unified key messages with other associations about the value the ambulance industry brings to our patients, our community and our payers.

Region V (2)

Region V Director—2 Candidates

Region 5



Rob Lawrence

Chief Operating Officer
Paramedics Plus
San Leandro, CA

Candidate Statement

I recently arrived in California and my role as California Chief Operating Officer for Paramedics Plus. I offer an energy and enthusiasm to both the region and AAA to promote and lead AAA Activity on the West coast. I bring just under 10 years experience in USA EMS which has included political and industry lobbying. Prior to leaving Virginia I was the Vice President of the Virginia Association of Governmental EMS Administrators and took part on State level lobbying to ensure legislation favored EMS, its operations and its people as well as placing the patient in the center of our world. On the national level I have lobbied on the Hill promoting both a state and national point of view to our elected officials.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Maintenance of the appropriate level of EMS reimbursement that acknowledges the cost of readiness as part of the equation.
2. Overall reduction in wider healthcare cost via the principles of Mobile Integrated Healthcare – this is not a title of a ‘Community Paramedic’ program but more a list that future healthcare must be Mobile, integrated with all facets of healthcare and devoted to the comfort of the patient. This also means the vertical integration of the patient’s healthcare record to ensure appropriate clinical decision making.
3. Renewed focus on Public Health – investment in the future is as much about prevention as it will be management of long term conditions in an aging population.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Continued maintenance and sustainment of reimbursement levels
2. Remaining current and future proof AAA to ensure it is capable of representing the industry as a lead association – that is a ‘go to’ organization for ambulance organizations and legislators alike.
3. Take a lead and develop one direction, in partnership with other associations and groups to ensure that our message for the future of our industry is not fragmented or seen as disjointed as we campaign and lobby for our future.

Paul Pedersen

paul-pedersenManaging Partner
Arizona Ambulance Transport
Sierra Vista, AZ

Candidate Statement

America’s healthcare system is dramatically changing, often quicker than we’d like. Healthcare finance reform has created uncertainties for our industry. As co-owner of a small service, I know all too well.

I have served on the board for two years representing the west. I know firsthand the good work the association does. Between June 2017 and this January I have joined fellow board members on Capitol Hill several times to lobby for extension of the Medicare add-ons (urban, rural and super rural). The AAA’s work in advocating for all of us has created an environment in which we members can provide the professional services our patients deserve. I pledge to continue my efforts on Capitol Hill so that we all can continue to be fairly compensated for our services.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Reimbursement/funding
2. Changing healthcare systems/delivery
3. Recruitment & retention

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Reimbursement/funding
2. Be a viable and recognized player in healthcare (and the changes therein)
3. Market member benefits

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