Clarion Ledger | Ambulance ‘response times’ miss the big picture: health outcomes

Congratulations to the board of the Mississippi Ambulance Alliance on the publication of their insightful op-ed in the Clarion Ledger.

“Response Times” are the loudest complaint, both locally and around the country — regardless of whether a private or public ambulance is responding. Everyone is, understandably, mad the ambulance isn’t right here, right now. And in many if not most instances, the ambulance providers agree — they want to be on scene sooner.

But that system is showing its fragility everywhere.

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NAEMSP | Board Nominations Open


Dear NAEMSP members,


The subspecialty of EMS continues to evolve every day. As a member of NAEMSP, I hope you feel a part of this continued evolution. Our members — you! — work each and every day to advance EMS and improve the lives of our colleagues, patients, and communities.


As you may be aware, applications are currently open for the 2024-2026 slate of NAEMSP’s Board of Directors. Four positions are available: three Physician Members-at-Large positions, and one Professional Member-at-Large position. I am writing to encourage you all to consider applying for these open positions and helping us guide the future of NAEMSP and EMS as a whole.


The application deadline is September 1 — just a few days away. The link below will take you straight to the application page.


I hope to see your application soon!



JerrieLynn Kind

Executive Director, NAEMSP

Apply for NAEMSP’s Board of Directors

GAPBAC | Follow Up from Committee Meeting #2

Ground Ambulance and Patient Billing (GAPB) Advisory Committee Public Meeting #2 (August 16, 2023)

The Ground Ambulance and Patient Billing (GAPB) Advisory Committee Second Public Meeting was held on August 16, 2023. Materials for this meeting are available for download on the GAPB website.

As we continue this webinar series, we look to you as industry experts to provide feedback and recommend information that would be beneficial in future webinars. Written public comments for consideration by the Advisory Committee may be emailed to: .

Public comments on the specific topics listed in the GAPB Advisory Committee Public Meeting #2 Agenda, should be submitted by September 5, 2023 for consideration by the GAPB Advisory Committee.


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