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NHTSA Publishes New National EMS Education Standards

Revised Standards outline minimum competencies for entry-level EMS clinicians to perform their roles

After a community-wide, collaborative effort, the newly updated National EMS Education Standards are now available. The Standards outline the critical topics to be covered in the initial education of EMS clinicians, based on the latest version of the National EMS Scope of Practice Model as well as recent research and best practices. The document defines the competencies, clinical behaviors, and judgments required of EMS personnel to perform their roles. They provide a high-level outline of those topics, and do not replace the need to develop a curriculum, nor are they intended to limit EMS educational programs from going beyond the Standards to meet student or community needs.

Read the New Standards (PDF)

The National EMS Education Standards were first published in 2009, and this marks the first major revision. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s EMS for Children Program funded the effort through a process led by the National Association of EMS Educators.

“EMS clinicians are the most critical resource in our nation’s EMS systems, and education is the foundation upon which those clinicians are created,” said Dr. Jon Krohmer, director of the NHTSA Office of EMS. “These newly released National EMS Education Standards, created by the EMS community, will help educators and education content providers continue to create competent, compassionate clinicians dedicated to providing people-centered, evidence-based care to their communities.”

Visit EMS.gov to learn more about the revised 2021 National EMS Education Standards, download the Standards themselves, and find frequently asked questions about the project.

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Spotlight: Ron Thackery

Ron Thackery
AAA Professional Standards Committee Co-Chair
Senior Vice President Professional Services
American Medical Response
Greenwood Village, CO

Can you please tell us a little about yourself?

I grew up in Wichita, KS and lived there until I graduated from high school. Most of my siblings still live in Wichita. I moved to Memphis and attended Christian Brothers University for undergraduate and taught high school for five years. I went to night law school at the University of Memphis and practiced in-house for 10 years. I have two children, Conor (31) and Kaitlin (29), who live in Memphis. Conor is an auto mechanic and Kaitlin teaches high school English. My wife, Diane, is a nurse in the operating room at Sky Ridge Hospital in Denver. I love to play golf – fortunately Diane does as well. She and I also ride road bikes and last summer took a biking vacation in the Piedmont area of Italy.

How did you come to work in the industry? How long have you been involved?

I have worked in EMS for 20 years. I am not a clinician. Previous to AMR, I worked as in-house counsel at Federal Express. I knew someone from FedEx who worked at AMR and he recruited me to take a position with AMR when they moved their corporate headquarters from Boston to Denver. I have learned plenty about EMS and have had the privilege of leading national functions in safety, risk management, fleet and real estate.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I have a wide variety of duties and it is not uncommon for issues related to any of those matters to rise to the top of the to do list each day. While that presents challenges to planning, it creates opportunities to engage with people and processes that are rewarding. I do like AMR and Envision HealthCare and have been very fortunate to be part of those companies. They have enabled me to grow professionally, learn to lead others and engage in activities that enhance EMS. It seems that I work all the time because I enjoy the challenges it presents.

What is your biggest professional challenge?

I am an advocate for safety of patients, caregivers and the general public. Great headway has been made through research with regard to ambulances, stretchers, exposures, etc. More research on fatigue and EMS safety will continue in the next few years. The challenge is finding the most efficient process to introduce, influence and implement these solutions for private EMS providers.

What is your typical day like?

I maintain a running list of TO DO items and focus on completing those as time permits. I travel a few weeks each month across the country. I meet with EMS operators and caregivers, I work on many facets of safety and claims, I work strategically to influence standards, I communicate with other leaders in the organization to keep them aimed in a common direction. My days are relatively planned with the flexibility to address matters that arise each day. I try to stay out of the way of things that need to be done and are best led by others, and simply provide support for those efforts.

How has participation in AAA membership and advocacy helped your organization?

AAA is the glue that enables EMS operators to focus on issues of importance. AAA allows EMS operators to collectively pursue strategies to enhance the industry. AAA has enabled AMR to advance safety initiatives before national associations and regulatory agencies.