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COVID-19 Vaccine Update from Gundersen Tri-State Ambulance

COVID-19 has significantly affected our community and communities around the country and the world. Through the beginning of December, there have been over 14 million confirmed COVID cases in the United States. This represents only about 4% of the US population. Vaccination against this novel coronavirus seems necessary to achieve a level of immunity that will prevent significant burden on all aspects of American life.

In a small survey of EMS Providers by EMS1, 41% of respondents indicated they would not be willing to receive a COVID-19 vaccine if approved for use. An additional 19% indicated they were not sure and 12% only if mandated by their employer. This leaves only 24% who indicated they would be willing to receive the vaccine.

Based on these and other survey results, Gundersen Tri-State Ambulance sought to provide information to its team members and to all regional EMS providers. The goal of this podcast style video is to allow our team members and others who may view it to make a more informed decision about receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

If you are viewing this from outside our regional EMS system, be sure to discuss this topic further with your EMS Medical Director, service leadership, personal physician, etc.


Debora Gault & Tom Tornstrom Receive AAA President’s Award

DATE: October 29, 2020
Contact: Maria Bianchi, AAA CEO

Arlington, VA—Aarron Reinert, President of the American Ambulance Association (AAA), is proud to award Debora Gault and Tom Tornstrom with the 2020 President’s Award.

Deb Gault, Global Medical Response (GMR) is receiving the award for leading the efforts with the AAA, to address the outstanding billing issues for ground ambulance services with the Veterans Affairs Administration.  Deb has worked tirelessly over the last several years to get ambulance service claims paid promptly, a prudent layperson standard adopted, and for the VA to be considered the primary payor unless another payor is identified.

Tom Tornstrom, Gundersen Tri-State Ambulance, Inc. is receiving the award for leading the efforts of the AAA, to address issues critical to ground ambulance services in their response to the current Public Health Emergency.  Tom has led a group of industry leaders in addressing PPE shortages, access applying for PPP and CARES Act Funding, and many operational and clinical issues.

The President’s Awards will be given at the AAA Virtual Annual Membership Meeting on November 4, 2020 at 11:15 am eastern time.

About the American Ambulance Association

The American Ambulance Association safeguards the future of mobile healthcare through advocacy, thought leadership, and education. AAA advances sustainable EMS policy, empowering our members to serve their communities with high-quality on-demand healthcare. For more than 40 years, we have proudly represented those who care for people first. www.ambulance.org

40 Under 40: Nick Eastman (Gundersen Tri-State Ambulance – Onalaska, WI)

40 Under 40 nominees were selected based on their contributions to the American Ambulance Association, their employer, state ambulance association, other professional associations, and/or the EMS profession.

Nick Eastman
Program Manager – Clinical Services
Gundersen Tri-State Ambulance
Onalaska, WI


Nominated by: Tom Tornstrom (Gundersen Tri-State Ambulance – La Crosse, WI)



Nick began his career in EMS in the year 2000 at the age of eighteen as a volunteer first responder in West Salem, Wisconsin. While volunteering, Nick was soon elected as the vice president of the association and then training officer. In 2003, Nick was awarded the West Salem EMS Person of the Year.

Nick excelled in his new found passion for EMS and quickly progressed to become a Paramedic and secure work with Gundersen Tri-State Ambulance as a full-time career Paramedic. During his time at Tri-State, Nick has taken on numerous different and progressively challenging roles. From Paramedic, to Critical Care Paramedic, to Shift Supervisor and Technology Coordinator, to Operations Supervisor, and now in his current role as a Program Manager and Educator.

In addition to his many accomplishments at Tri-State, Nick has strong interest in computers and technology as well as matters involving logic. Nick’s keen interest and skill at playing poker is his way to relax between the many challenges of work life. You may even see Nick playing poker with the pros in Las Vegas.


Reason for Nomination:

The moment Nick entered the building on his first day at Gundersen Tri-State Ambulance many years ago, it was patently clear that he was not only passionate about EMS but also completely committed to being the best paramedic he could be while challenging those around him to do the same.

Nick’s belief in being the best clinician possible drives his efforts to improve the knowledge, understanding, and practice of all EMTs and paramedics in our organization. Nick is truly committed to this task and it shows. With Nick’s engaging and well-prepared educational lectures and training, our first-pass intubation success rates have improved to the best they’ve ever been. In addition, Tri-State has become a leader in STEMI and stroke recognition and care, our cardiac arrest survival rates are praiseworthy, and our paramedics and EMTs are excited and engaged about their learning.

Nick has held many roles during his tenure at Tri-State. While a Shift Supervisor, Nick also held the role of Information Technology Coordinator for our growing organization. Between his supervisory duties and field work, Nick designed our Intranet, restructured our ePCR flow, maintained numerous computer servers, oversaw our complex network, and worked tirelessly to maintain our heavy reliance on technology. On many occasions, Nick created custom programming and processes to help our paramedics and EMTs avoid frustrations and to increase efficiencies. Even today, our corporate technicians find themselves reaching out to Nick at times for advice and guidance with our information systems.

While a Clinical Operations Supervisor, Nick worked closely with our medical director to completely re-write our clinical protocols and guidelines, a process that he is remains integrally involved in today. In addition, Nick created our first formalized orientation and Field Training Officer program which continues to be the foundation of our very successful on-boarding process.

In his latest role as a Manager, Nick has combined his love for logic and technology with his passion for teaching to create a sophisticated and progressive clinical services department. Nick was able to get a handle on tracking of complex continuing education requirements while giving employees easy access to view their training history and progress toward their individualized goals. In addition, Nick is incorporating diverse data elements into our clinical practices and decision making processes. These are but a few of Nick’s contributions since his acceptance of this latest role less than two years ago.

Of all Nick’s tangible and technical accomplishments, he feels the most accomplished and valuable when sharing his knowledge through his role as an educator. Nick’s passion for teaching shows as our clinical proficiency improves and our staff become increasingly engaged.

Nick’s unparalleled work ethic combined with his never-ceasing willingness to learn and take on new responsibilities have made him the perfect candidate for the American Ambulance Association’s 40 Under 40 recognition.


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