Mobile Healthcare Branding Toolkit & Webinar

The American Ambulance Association Communications Committee is proud to share with you our first-ever toolkit for ambulance services. This toolkit serves as a guide for ambulance providers and their teams to understand and tell the story of our industry—Mobile Healthcare—with consistency across communication channels. This toolkit provides you with ways to tell your story in a clear, consistent, and engaging manner. Learn: why a new brand was created the true story about the work we do the elements of the new Mobile Healthcare brand how to use messages that communicate positive perceptions of our field how to use brand messages to your audience talking points that you may use and expand for . in your communications   Additional Resources 2019.01.31 Branding Webinar Deck Powerpoint Presentation from January 31, 2019 Webinar Rob Lawrence, Julie Rose, Amanda Riordan “Keeping Your Ambulance Service in the Public Eye” Video Rob Lawrence Sharing Patient Stories Video Rob Lawrence & Matt Zavadsky AAA HIPAA Release Template Marketing tech tips from AAA