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Mental Wellness Office Hours

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By Scott Moore and lau-morrison

April 25, 2022 | Free | Presented by Scott Moore, Esq. & Dr. Lau Morrison
Workforce Webinar Series

Mental health and wellness have been a challenge for many EMS professionals due to the difficult nature of the work our people experience every day. The changing healthcare delivery model, workforce shortages, and the COVID-19 pandemic have only exacerbated the already difficult day-to-day lives of those working in EMS. While there is a heightened awareness and focus on the mental health, wellness, and resilience aspects of a career in EMS and public safety, there is still a ton of work to do. The AAA’s Human Resources and Operations Consultant, Scott Moore, and former Emergency Medical Technician turned Psychologist, Dr. Lau Morrison will host a program that explores and discusses the mental health strategies, resources, and best practices available to frontline providers and leaders.  This program will be a highly interactive discussion seeking to engage the participants to raise awareness and create positive change in the profession.