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AIM Software & Services
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From Dispatch, to ePCR, to Quality Assurance, all the way through to Billing and Reimbursement, AIM Online EMS Software & Services stands out in the EMS industry with integrated Online EMS Workflow™ solutions that deliver on usability and features that are made possible only through a deep understanding of the EMS industry and decades of experience in information technology and service delivery.

AIM Online Dispatch, ePCR, Billing Software, and Billing Services help EMS Providers:
-Deliver quality and compliant patient care reporting and billing practices
-Get higher productivity from EMS Crews and EMS Billers
-Gain peace of mind with 24/7 internet access, fault tolerance, disaster recovery and strict security standards
-Cut costs and improve revenue
-Improve performance and employee satisfaction with reliable products and customer support

AIM’s distinctive competencies are a 30-year commitment to create the best integrated EMS computer software and customer support services to aid the EMS community’s pursuit to save people’s lives every minute of the day. AIM is honored to be a trusted partner in meeting Online EMS software and service needs. AIM recognizes that EMS services vary in structure, size, and call volume and therefore make technology usable, affordable, and expandable for all EMS organizations.