Critical Incident Stress Management, a new AAA member benefit,  provides onsite support for overcoming trauma and grief in the workplace. To return employees to productive functioning after a traumatic event, AAA now provides onsite critical incident response support. defusing or other clinically appropriate intervention by trained critical incident clinicians who guide employees and managers through their normal reactions to abnormal events. The service consists of a network of critical incident network providers that are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  These specialist are trained specifically in work issues, management consultation, workplace violence, threat assessment and crisis management. A Critical Incident Representative is available for consultation and coordination of on-site support for workplace related traumatic events that affect your workplace and will help you develop a proactive plan to reduce the risks associated with workplace crises.  The services are available for both group and individuals affected by distressing workplace-related events.  When a traumatic incident occurs contact Amanda Riordan at or 202-802-9020 for access to timely and compassionate support onsite at your location….

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