Webinar: Prior Authorization

In this webinar, AAA Medicare Consultant, Brian Werfel, Esq., will get you up to speed on the ongoing Medicare Demonstration Project for scheduled, repetitive non-emergency transports. From the underlying justifications for the demonstration project, to the implementation in the first three states and the recent expansion to additional states, attendees will be provided with the proper background to understand the goals of the program. Brian will also discuss the experience of ambulance providers in the initial states, including the challenges they faced in getting appropriate patients approved for continued transports. The last part of the webinar will discuss the proposed expansion to the rest of the nation in 2017, and will include specific tips for managing your repetitive patient population, to obtain the proper documentation, and to manage the prior authorization process. The goal is to give attendees the tools necessary to succeed in the new prior authorization world. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A period for attendees to get any specific questions answered.

Webinar: I Really Can’t Stay… Managing Employee Leave

Managing employee leaves can be a complex and challenging task which can expose employers to significant risk. This webinar will provide employers with a solid understanding of an employee’s right to protected leave and best practices for managing and tracking leave. This session will cover the notices employers should provide to employees, their rights related to employee benefits, and what an employer should do if they suspect an employee is abusing their leave rights.

Webinar: Employment Law Basics

The employment relationship is the greatest legal exposure to every employer. This session is a must-attend session for all front-line supervisors and managers and will provide a practical understanding of the basic principles of employment law associated with managing employees. At-will, employment discrimination, retaliation, reasonable accommodation, and wage laws are some of the common pitfalls that can trip up even the most seasoned of supervisors.

Webinar: Know When to Hold ‘Em or Fold ‘Em

Your organization has been served with a lawsuit or investigative demand on an employment claim. Is your organization prepared for what is ahead? This session will follow what an employer should do long before the Constable serves the papers. Human Resources Managers treat employee personnel records like it is evidence in a case because it could be. This session will also discuss the financial and practical costs of defending your organization and how you can still lose even if you win.

Webinar: Medicare 101 for New Billing Staff

Join AAA’s Medicare Consultant Brian Werfel, Esq. for a primer on how to bill Medicare claims. Designed for new billers and experienced billers looking for a refresher, this webinar will provide an overview of Medicare’s coverage rules. Specific topics will include: (1) An in-depth discussion of medical necessity (2) A summary of the various levels of service paid by Medicare, including suggestions on how to document each level of service on claims (3) Physician Certification Statement requirements for both repetitive and non-repetitive patients (4) Patient Signature Requirement (5) Medicare’s bundling rules for hospitals and nursing home (6) Medicare Hospice Program (7) Medicare Advantage Program, with specific focus paid on the coverage differences for beneficiaries enrolled in these plans. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session, where participants can receive advice for specific issues they have encountered.

Webinar: Audits with Brian Werfel

Ambulance providers and suppliers continue to face a challenging compliance environment, as the federal government devotes ever greater resources to rooting out improper Medicare payments. In this webinar, AAA Medicare Consultant Brian S. Werfel, Esq. will provide an overview of the current audit landscape. This includes ongoing prepayment and postpayment activities conducted by CMS and its contractors. We will also discuss the prior authorization program for repetitive patients currently ongoing in 8 states and the District of Columbia. The second part of the webinar will summarize recent Department of Justice settlements involving ambulance services, which have led to an increased interest by the DOJ in ambulance services. The final part will focus on specific steps ambulance services can take to limit the likelihood that they are selected for audit and/or increase their chances of success if they are selected. The webinar will conclude with a Q and A period for attendees.

Webinar: Revalidation for All Services

In this webinar, Angie Lehman, Vice President of Finance for EMSA, and Medicare consultant, Brian Werfel, will dive into the mechanics of completing the Medicare revalidation process. The webinar will start with some background on the recently commenced Cycle 2 Medicare Revalidation Process, including the relevant time lines for ambulance providers and suppliers. This will include information on how you can find your organization’s scheduled revalidation deadline. The second part of the webinar will consist of a step-by-step tutorial on how to complete the Medicare 855B Form. We will discuss some of the common pitfalls encountered by ambulance providers and suppliers, and offer practical tips on how to make the process go as smoothly as possible. The final part of the webinar will consist of a Q&A session. Participants are encouraged to raise any questions they have regarding the revalidation process or the application itself.

Webinar: Don’t Let Work Injuries Cripple You

As an employer, do you know how to protect your company and your HR department from the impact of workers’ compensation claims? We all know that EMS is a physically demanding job that can take its toll on your staff and your organization as a whole. While injury prevention is the best medicine, how you handle the employee immediately after an injury happens and during the recuperation period is critically important. Employers can greatly reduce their injury incidence and cost per claim by taking a few simple steps. This session will explore proper ways to handle injury investigations and active claims management. Your company’s obligation should extend far past reporting the claim to the insurer. Join the American Ambulance Association’s HR and Operations, Consultant, Scott Moore, to learn how to handle. This session will include Q&A.