President Postma’s Capital Campaign

At the 2016 AAA Annual Conference & Trade Show, new president Mark Postma announced a visionary capital campaign to build our association’s reserves to $1 million. We invite all members to give as they are able to build a rainy day fund capable of weathering any storm. Thank you in advance for your support and participation.

Funds contributed to the Capital Campaign can only be used by the association following a board vote.

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2016 AAA Board of Directors Election Results

The winners of the 2016 AAA Board of Directors election are listed below. Please join us in thanking all candidates for their service to the American Ambulance Association.


President-Elect (2018)aarron-reinert

Aarron Reinert
Executive Director
Lakes Region EMS




Treasurer (2018)

Shawn Baird
Woodburn Ambulance Service, Inc.




Secretary (2018)

Randy Strozyk
Senior Vice President – Operations
American Medical Response


Region I


Director (2018)

Ronald Quaranto
Chief Operating Officer
Cataldo Ambulance Service


Alternate Directorfred-dellavalle-3

Alfred “Fred” Della Valle
Vice President Government Relations East Region
American Medical Response


Region II


Director (2018)

Russell Honeycutt
Executive Director of Government Affairs
Central EMS


Alternate Director

Larry Wiersch
Chief Executive Officer
Cetronia Ambulance Corps, Inc.


Region III

Director (2018)godden-kim

Kimberly Godden
Vice President, Legal and Corporate Compliance
Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc.



Alternate Directorbachman-barbara

Barbara Bachman
Chief Financial Officer
Emergent Health Partners / Huron Valley Ambulance


Region IV

Director (2018)lehman-angie

Angela Lehman
Chief Revenue Officer
Emergency Medical Services Authority



Alternate Directortetrault-david

David Tetrault
Administrator/ CEO
St. Francois County Ambulance District


Region V

Director (2018)????????????????????????????????????

JD Fuiten
Metro West Ambulance



Director (2017)paul-pedersen

Paul Pedersen
Chris ArchuletaManaging Partner
Arizona Ambulance Transport


Alternate Director 

Chris Archuleta
Superior Ambulance Service, Inc.


Akin Gump Political Report 2016

Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, LLP, advocates for the American Ambulance Association, have empowered us to share with members their coveted pre-election political report.

Download your copy today, covering hot topic election issues including healthcare, transportation, and more.

Download the Akin Gump Pre-Election Report
(Please note that the report is for members only.)

2016 Board of Director Candidates

Election Timeline | Board Candidates | Ethics Committee Candidates

The 2016 AAA Election is going paperless and this year’s election will be held entirely online. Primary contacts of Active Single State and Multi-State Members are permitted by AAA’s bylaws to vote in board elections.

Election Timeline

Slate of Candidates

Thank you and best of luck to this year’s slate of talented and seasoned board candidates.

President-Elect (1)

President Elect—1 Candidate

Aarron Reinert

aarron-reinertExecutive Director
Lakes Region EMS

Candidate Statement

I am excited to share with you my intent and hope to be your President-elect for our association.
Many of you have taken time to share with me your thoughts about our association and what is required and expect of such an important position as President-elect. You have been candid with me about the hard work that will be required and the expected time commitments. You were also honest with me about the need to ensure the AAA is a priority, through my actions and as well as my words. Your honesty and frankness is exactly why I desire the chance to help lead our organization. My hope is to help lead our organization through these turbulent waters of supplier to provider, payment reform, ensuring member’s services are long-term sustainable, and cultivating a Board culture of trust, accountability, vision, and passionate disagreement that strengthens us, not pulls us apart.

I am reminded of a quote from Margret Wheatley, one of the emerging leadership writers, “leaders do not deny that there is darkness, they simply choose not to live in it.” I look around our association and see leaders who have chosen to rise about the darkness of the daily challenges and inequity of non-governmental ambulance service and our reimbursement system. All of you are leading our nation’s EMS system to an environment of sustainable payments, equity, and equal standing with our governmental partners. How could I not want to be part of such an incredible team.

Thank you! I look forward to the chance to earn your vote and the position of President-elect.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

Leading our nations EMS system to an environment of sustainable payments, equity, and equal standing with our governmental partners, and developing and sustaining our workforce (clinical, non-clinical, and current and future leaders).

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

My desire is to help lead our organization through these turbulent waters of supplier to provider, payment reform, ensuring member’s services are long-term sustainable, and cultivating a Board culture of trust, accountability, vision, and passionate disagreement that strengthens us, not pulls us apart.

Treasurer (2)

Treasurer—2 Candidates

Shawn Baird, MA, Paramedic

Woodburn Ambulance Service, Inc.

Candidate Statement

Successfully guiding our companies through the massive transformation taking place in healthcare is an unprecedented challenge for ambulance service owners and executives. As an owner of a small, independent, 911 and non-emergent ambulance service for the past 21 years I know how critical our American Ambulance Association is to the industry. Reliable up to the minute reimbursement information, outstanding advocacy in Congress, and first class educational and member services all contribute to our companies’ success in providing excellent patient care while maintain the bottom line.

Experienced and innovative leadership is essential for the AAA to continue moving our industry ahead in the new healthcare environment. Leadership that is acutely aware of the need to balance progressive payment reform for tomorrow, with maintaining essential revenue to make payroll today.

My goal as your Treasurer is to assure the financial health of the AAA, while actively engaging on the essential priorities of payment reform and adequate reimbursement for providers. I look forward to serving and applying my experience as a AAA leader, independent ambulance company owner, and industry advocate to the membership of the American Ambulance Association.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. Payment reform in a changing environment.
  2. Significant regulatory changes impacting all business owners and employers.
  3. Growing challenges in employee recruitment, development, and retention.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. Keeping essential revenue flowing into our companies as we navigate and drive payment reform initiatives beneficial to AAA members.
  2. Assuring that future regulatory changes on issues ranging from vehicle standards to employment practices are positive for AAA members and do not cripple our ability to operate.
  3. Develop strong partnerships with other EMS organizations to leverage our unified strength to meet challenges both known and unexpected.

Douglas “Doug” Hooten

Executive Directorhooten-photo
MedStar Mobile Healthcare

Candidate Statement

America’s healthcare system is transforming at a frenetic pace! Healthcare finance reform is creating a new environment for all types of providers, including ambulance providers. Our customer’s expectations are also changing, with the desire to shift from volume-to-value based economic models. As an appointed member of NEMSAC, and an active member of the Payment Reform Committee, I have gained the unique insight to navigate our industry through the murky financial waters ahead.

From a real-world, practical perspective, I have had the experience of working diligently with numerous external partners to demonstrate and deliver value, and get paid based on the value we bring. At MedStar, we are testing several new payment models, with more to be tested in the near future.

As your Treasurer, one of my goals will be to use this experience to prepare the Association, and its members, to take full advantage of the significant opportunities to test new economic models for our industry.

Working with local and national officials, I too often hear their frustrations about the complexity of the financial models of our industry. We must help our membership enhance their financial acumen and economic agility to try new payment models based on the value we can demonstrate to payers.

Finally, we often hear from our external partners that the ambulance industry has very fragmented messages within the DC beltway and with large national payers. One of my goals will be to work with other national associations help bring external message clarity to the profession.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Transitioning from fee for service to outcome-based payment models.
2. The changing expectations of current customers and entrance of new customers for our services into the market.
3. Demonstrating “value” of our service delivery model, or changing the model to demonstrate value.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Changing focus away from simply FFS payment to a value-based payment model.
2. Enhancing the financial acumen of our industry leaders to make us more nimble to test new economic models.
3. Collaborating on unified key messages about the value our service line brings to our patients, our community and our payers.

Secretary (1)

Secretary—1 Candidate

Randy Strozyk

strozyk-randySenior Vice President – Operations
American Medical Response

Candidate Statement

Serving as Secretary of the American Ambulance Association the past two years has been a great personal honor and exciting career challenge. I’d like to continue representing you and ask for your vote.

During my career, I’ve been fortunate to work in and study all types and sizes of ambulance services. Though I’ve spent the past 16 years with AMR, I started my career at a small service and distinctly remember the unique pressures we encountered. I’ve considered the concerns and perspectives of providers large and small during my tenure as AAA secretary – and commit to continue being open and accessible moving forward.

In today’s world, EMS providers face a number of serious threats and game-changing opportunities, but we are challenged at times to speak with a clear, unified voice. I have the experience and tenacity to help strengthen our voice and achieve results.

It would be an honor to continue working for you. Please consider supporting me as I seek another term as Secretary of the American Ambulance Association.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

  1. Educating of our nation’s leaders on the critical role AAA members provide to the public and the need for fair reimbursement of the costs of providing that service.
  2. Identifying and capitalizing on innovative new methods for delivering services to the citizens we serve.
  3. Continuing to be the lead organization is crafting future legislation that benefits our industry and patients.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

  1. Building a powerful coalition between our association and our members to advocate effectively on Capitol Hill for all of our members’ issues, including opposing efforts by the federal government to reduce reimbursement rates for Medicare and Medicaid services.
  2. Recruiting the next generation of leaders to AAA and engaging them in developing our future.
  3. Communicating and promoting the benefits of private ambulance services to policy makers, opinion leaders and the public at large.

Region I (2)

Region I Director—2 Candidates

Region 1


fred-dellavalle-3Alfred “Fred” Della Valle

Vice President Government Relations East Region
American Medical Response

Candidate Statement

As we continue our journey in achieving our goals, I am seeking re-election to the Board of Directors to ensure we continue to focus on the delivery of high quality pre hospital healthcare to the citizens we all serve each and every day.
I continue to advocate for all ambulance providers large and small, urban and rural while continuing to maintain key Congressional relationships in both Houses of Congress. We have made tremendous strides internally within the AAA, while continuing our advocacy efforts, especially, elimination of below cost Medicare reimbursements.
Having served as a host, I have accompanied many of our Stars of Life in meetings with their members of Congress in D.C., guiding them in telling their stories as to why they were selected for such a prestigious award. What an honor!
In 2014 AAA President Jimmy Johnson presented me with the AAA President’s Award for my outstanding commitment and years of service. I continue my professional relationships with members of Congress in order to ensure they remain educated, supportive and aware of the vital role ambulance providers continue to play nationwide.
In an ever-changing healthcare environment and upcoming elections, we need to ensure we remain focused, while maintaining visibility with our Congressional Leaders.
As it would be my honor to continue to serve as your representative on the Board of Directors, I ask again for your support, while thanking you for your past confidence.
As always please do not hesitate to contact me for any insight or assistance.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Provide our care givers with technology, support and training in order to provide optimal care.
2. Explore new ideas and concepts in the delivery of pre-hospital patient care.
3. Educating both local, state, and federal legislators and decision-makers as to the vital role ambulance providers continue to play within the EMS system nationwide.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Continuing our support to member companies in the way of services and training and educational seminars.
2. On-going diligence in securing adequate funding and initiatives within the Medicare Fee Schedule program.
3. Relationship building, maintaining our integrity and nurturing partnerships with affiliate groups, while remaining the foremost leader in EMS advocacy.

Ronald Quaranto

ron-quaranto-photoChief Operating Officer
Cataldo Ambulance Service

Candidate Statement

I feel that my extensive EMS experience coupled with my current role as Chief Operating Officer for Cataldo Ambulance Service, Inc. makes me the ideal candidate for the Region I Board position. For over ten years I have participated in regional counsels which include, the President of the Board of Directors for the Metropolitan Boston EMS Counsel, and I have participated and chaired several regional committees. In addition, I currently hold the position of Vice President for the Massachusetts Ambulance Association. My operational ability, passion for EMS, and dedication to quality patient care will add tremendous value to the board of the American Ambulance Association.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Most importantly is quality patient care
2. Reimbursement
3. Recruitment and Retention

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Continue to ensure excellence in the ambulance services industry and provide research and educational programs that will have a positive impact on the services to help address the recruitment and retention issues that we in EMS are currently faceing.
2. Enable our members to effectively address the needs of the communities they serve (MIH).
3. Promote health care policies.

Region II (3)

Region II Director—3 Candidates

Region 2


Russell Honeycutt

rusell_honeycutt_photoExecutive Director of Government Affairs
Central EMS

Candidate Statement

I believe that the collaborative effort of a Nationally based association (AAA) is the best hope for delivering reform to all areas of EMS. We have begun in the past two years a project involving cost studies that can transform the reimbursement challenges all EMS Services face and establish a reimbursement system that truly compensates us at a level that allows us to render excellent patient care without taxing the communities that we operate in. My passion is to see this project to completion in order that honest suppliers of EMS are compensated fairly and the bad actors in our industry are no longer allowed to cast aspersion on the hardworking men and women in our industry. Change is coming and we need to be proactive in formulating policy and not have policy dictated to us which results in more costly regulation.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Adequate Reimbursement
2. Reduction in Regulatory Burdens
3. Patient Experience (improving the quality of care)

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Increased reimbursement from federal payers
2. Improved relationships with Congress and federal agencies
3. Develop and influence payment reform

Terence Ramotar

ramotar-headshot_aaa_editedRegional Director
American Medical Response>

Candidate Statement

Faced with declining reimbursement, increasing operational costs, regulatory changes and a changing workforce, ambulance services face pressures that may seem insurmountable. However, value and quality cannot be negotiated. Our industry has a moral mandate to serve our communities with excellence, and in the best interest of the public’s health and well-being.
For over 20 years, I’ve served in several leadership positions for various types of EMS organizations both large and small. Whether a non-profit ambulance squad in a small town or a large system in a major metropolitan area, I’ve experienced firsthand how these pressures impact the services we deliver. The next few years are critical to our sustainability.

I have previously served on the Board of Directors and various committees for the American Ambulance Association. I bring a deep commitment to integrity and a core belief in servant leadership. I also understand that it’s time for my generation to “step up” and become actively involved. With your support, I look forward to providing the leadership necessary to help bring our AAA membership together, advocate on the region’s behalf and champion efforts that provide value to our services.
I wholeheartedly ask for your support in doing so.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Reimbursement at the federal level continues to threaten the quality of the services we provide to our communities. Payment for emergency services continue to shrink below our costs while our expenses rise.
2. Human Resource challenges stress our services nationwide on two fronts. The demand for Paramedics are quickly exceeding the supply. Subsequently, the talent pool is shrinking. Leadership turnover is rising and the next generation of leaders need to be prepared.
3. A Vision for the future in a rapidly changing healthcare environment is becoming an emerging issue in local EMS markets. Healthcare calls for reform, but how EMS becomes part of the collaborative solution is yet to be determined.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Reimbursement. The AAA needs to continue its strong voice on Capitol Hill and protect against further threats.
2. Membership. Our strength is in numbers. While the AAA membership is strong, there still is the opportunity to become stronger. By delivering value for its services, we can continue to build on a strong foundation.
3. Leadership Development needs to be a strong focus both internally as well as for its membership. By continuing to expand learning opportunities and sharing its wealth of knowledge, the AAA is and should continue to be the primary source for industry information and education.

Larry Wiersch

Chief Executive Officer
Cetronia Ambulance Corps., Inc.

Candidate Statement

I am exceptionally proud of my service to EMS and our AAA Board as a Region II Alternate Director. In these most difficult times of constant change and new healthcare dynamics, I will continue to work hard for our association members to ensure that whatever we do for our industry serves our patients and our dedicated professionals with the very best. We need leadership that understands the need to change, challenges the “status quo” on issues that affect our members, and provides thoughtful ideas that evaluates how it affects all members from a global perspective. Our members, our patients and our communities deserve national leadership that incorporates meaningful processes that supports healthy debate that achieves outcomes with the best possible results.
I believe that my past involvement with the AAA on multiple committees including government affairs, professional standards, federal reimbursement and numerous other special work groups gives me insight into methods that work. While we must not dwell in the past, we must learn from it while moving forward into the future. I promise, that I will do my very best to represent our region, our association, our employees and most importantly our life saving mission. I will always promote quality EMS that represents all provider types, support good governance and embrace healthy change that saves more lives and allows us to deliver on our promise of service to our community.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

The impact of federal reimbursement models changing; regulatory restrictions and government affairs; Innovations and how it presents opportunities as well as challenges to EMS in the future.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

Leadership; How to engage members to bring forth meaningful change; Strategic direction as well as promotion of quality metrics for the future of private EMS.

Region III (4)

Region III Director—4 Candidates

Region 3


Barbara Bachman

bachman-barbaraChief Financial Officer
Emergent Health Partners / Huron Valley Ambulance

Candidate Statement

I am running for the position of Region 3 Director of the AAA and I am asking for your support and your vote. I am Chief Financial Officer of a medium-sized Michigan ambulance service – a position which I have held for 11 years. I also serve as a member of AAA’s Medicare Regulatory Committee.

I would like your support so that I can help make sure that all independent ambulance operators have a strong voice in Association matters and federal policies – especially Medicare and Medicaid. I am also interested in making sure that the AAA provides strong representation for all of us, and that it is done fairly for all services in Region 3 and across the country. Finally, AAA can’t be an advocate if it does not stay strong financially. That means watching our expenses carefully and keeping dues at a reasonable level which we can all afford.

Thank you for considering my candidacy and I look forward to serving and representing your interests on the AAA Board as a Region 3 Director. Please call or email me if you have questions about any matter that you feel I can help with.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

I believe the top three issues in emergency health care are low reimbursement rates, demonstrating value in a changing healthcare environment, and recruiting and retention of staff. Image management and educating the public are important components of these three issues.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

AAA needs to continue pursuing its legislative priorities seeking permanent Medicare ambulance relief. We also need to work with state associations to educate the public so that we can attract millennials to our profession. We also need to convince government at all levels to provide funding for EMS education programs. We should actively shape our role in the changing healthcare environment.

Kim Godden

godden-kimVice President, Legal and Corporate Compliance
Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc.

Candidate Statement

I am currently concluding my fourth year representing Region III on the American Ambulance Association Board of Directors. I am running for re-election to continue to represent Region III for an additional term. I would like to continue to work closely with fellow board members, AAA staff and contractors and our members to continue to advance Industry initiatives and address the concerns our members are facing. I work closely within the states our company operates in (Illinois, Michigan and Indiana) to advance industry initiatives and concerns. I enjoy being able to bring my legal background, education and experience working in and with the government to the ambulance industry. Being able to work with state, local, and federal government is an integral component of our industry’s success. Region III includes both urban and rural areas and ambulance companies of different sizes, types and disciplines; as a Board Member I make sure that all issues are discussed and decisions are made with all members in mind. I intend to continue to work within Region III to coordinate effort and ideas on a regional level.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Survival due to health care reform and fraud and abuse allegations within the industry
2. Attracting and retaining EMTs in our industry
3. Obtaining proper and fair reimbursement

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Combat allegations of fraud and abuse within our industry
2. Secure proper and fair reimbursement
3. Address national EMT shortage – attracting and retaining EMTs

Michael Pieroni

pieroni-head-shotDirector of Operations
Medical Express Ambulance

Candidate Statement

I have been involved in Illinois EMS since 1987, as a caregiver, a manager and a business owner. My background includes ambulance operations, billing and collections, loss control, human resources, payroll and benefits administration, business development and government relations. I served as the President of the Illinois State Ambulance Association from 2003 until 2013, and remain on the ISAA Board today.

I am keenly aware of the challenges faced by ambulance providers. Having “grown up” in the Chicago private ambulance market, I am no stranger to competition. I take great pride, however, in being a supportive, understanding and sincere representative for our profession as a whole. I feel my specific experiences as a former EMT, ambulance service owner and ISAA Board President have uniquely prepared me for the challenges ahead. In addition, I have attended several AAA reimbursement task force meetings, and feel that it would be my honor to contribute to that work.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. The Affordable Care Act, Managed Care, consolidation, and Medicare/Medicaid reform have all made ambulance reimbursement a highly technical minefield. The ability to be paid for the services we provide is paramount.
2. The evolution of Mobile Integrated Healthcare is fast paced and dynamic. While an exciting new aspect of EMS, MIH will need continued development and support at a grassroots level across the country.
3. Recruitment and retention of qualified EMTs and paramedics remains a key challenge for all EMS organizations.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Navigating the ever-changing landscape of EMS reimbursement is necessary to the survival of any EMS agency, and must be a priority.
2. Development and training of human resource teams to tackle the ongoing shortage of qualified EMS personnel.
3. Innovation and growth. Technological advances and concepts like MIH enable our profession to minimize costs, while creating potential new revenue streams.

Julie Rose

rose-julieCEO/Executive Director
Community Care Ambulance

Candidate Statement

I am requesting your support to continue to serve Region 3 AAA members as your Board representative. I believe I am uniquely positioned to understand your needs as a fellow provider and serving my organization as the Chief executive; appreciating the holistic challenges that face our provider group in today’s current landscape.

I have over 15 years of experience in leading and serving on AAA committees as well as Board positions.

My activity at the state level as Past President of the OAMTA as well as a Board member of the governor appointed Ohio State Emergency, Fire and Medical Transportation Board has further enlightened me about service regulatory issues at the state level as well as reimbursement challenges in dealing with Medicaid.

I would appreciate the opportunity to serve you for another term as Region 3 Board member.

Thank you, Julie Rose

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Achieving adequate funding for emergency and non emergency medical transports as funding for MIH is sought
2. Providing viable careers to encourage the entry into EMS leading into leadership positions
3. Safety for patients and providers

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Promoting the value base of private EMS and position in the healthcare continuum
2. Influence the creation of public policy that provides fair reimbursement
3. Provide opportunities to train EMS Leadership for the future

Region IV (3)

Region IV Director—3 Candidates

Region 4


Daniel Gillespie

Dan-imageVice President
Allegiance Ambulance

Candidate Statement

I have been honored to see the AAA members for the past two years and hope for the opportunity to continue to serve our industry within this association. I value the knowledge and experience I have gained in working with such a highly motivated and effective group of professionals as we drive our professional in to the future.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Continued payment reform in CMS
2. New Leadership development and recruitment
3. Moving EMS from being a vendor to a provider

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Support Payment reform
2. Support EMS legislation that recognizes EMS as a provider and provides reimbursement that is reflective of that
3. Creating a national marketing initiative to ignite interest in our industry from the younger generations and end the massive shortages in paramedics and EMTs

Angela Lehman

lehman-angieChief Revenue Officer
Emergency Medical Services Authority

Candidate Statement

I would like to represent Region 4 as a Board of Director for the American Ambulance Association because of the passion I have for this industry, and my knowledge of the payors and regulatory issues and concerns in our region. I have been fortunate to work in many areas of the healthcare sector, and personally, there is no other sector comparable to the ambulance industry. I have had many personal and professional conversations about how I cannot imagine working in a different realm of healthcare again because of the people involved in the industry — from owners, to non-profits to for-profits, and to government entities. Because of this diverse group of individuals, it makes this industry a challenge, and it is even more reason we must work together to advocate for higher reimbursement and better recognition as a healthcare entity. I have been committed to this advocacy for the last six years as evidenced by my roles on the Medicare Regulatory, Professional Standards, and Government Affairs, Education and Payment Reform Committees. I believe I can be a strategic and effective leader for our industry. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Information Management, and currently obtained my Masters of Art in Health and Human Services. I look forward to having the opportunity to serve as one of the Region 4, American Ambulance Association Board of Directors.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

The top issues I see in emergency healthcare are the shortage of staffing with EMTs and Paramedics; the inability to obtain appropriate data to reflect the industry’s cost and quality of patient care; and being reimbursed appropriately.

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

To obtain permanent Medicare add-ons for Medicare reimbursement; to continue to look at and work on different payment methodologies for the industry; and to obtain legislation to provide for a mechanism to obtain cost-survey data and to move the ambulance industry from supplier to provider status.

David Tetrault

tetrault-davidAdministrator/ CEO
St. Francois County Ambulance District

Candidate Statement

My candidate statement for re-election to the Board of Directors Region 4 Seat, I’m asking for your vote to continue our work with bringing EMS forward, continue to fight for small rural services and large services let me be your voice on Capitol Hill in Washington.

I have been dedicated to EMS for over 27 years committed to EMS issues, ability to attend meetings, time to commit to the position of Director for AAA region 4. I will follow through answer concerns with the region and other regions that need our help and expertise. My Board is and have been very willing to support me financially to travel with AAA and administrative support for all activities supporting EMS beyond the borders of my Small Rural Community Ambulance District.

As past president of the Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association and other positions I have been responsible for assisting and participating in planning, preparation, and execution of our annual meetings and training activities. I have also been instrumental in internal audits and the recommendation and implementation of financial procedures for MEMSA. I was a principal player in starting EMS day at the State Capital over 10 years ago and am still actively involved in legislative activities and initiatives.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Healthcare Reform, Medicare and Medicaid issues with understanding EMS
2. Making sure that EMS, stays in front and continues to be recognized in this country as part of the 3 first responders and held in the same light, strength and representation as Police and Fire.
3. Standardization across the country and less fragmentation among EMS providers

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Education, training, focused work on reimbursement for Ambulance services throughout the country
2. Communications to its members and growing strength in numbers and voices across the country
3. Moving EMS forward and continuing to make our voices heard loud and clear, and that we are here to stay. Keeping up with all the healthcare changes and reforming EMS for the future.

Region V (3)

Region V Director—3 Candidates

Region 5


Chris Archuleta

Superior Ambulance Service, Inc.

Candidate Statement

During the past 3 elections I’ve been elected as your alternate for the Board of Directors for Region 5. As your alternate on the AAA’s Board of Directors I’ve been able to watch, listen, and learn of all that a Board member does. I have learned a lot in the past 3 years and have gladly invested time and energy to serve the members of Region 5 and all the AAA members. Until becoming an active participant with the AAA at the Board level, I never fully understood the complexities of the national issues affecting our industry. As a rural and urban medium size provider, I’ve realized how important it is for us in the industry to stay active and voice our concerns with the continuous legislation before Congress and CMS, as their decisions affect our industry, and us at home just trying to run a business. National political issues versus local issues involving us as providers are two huge and different areas that need representation. This is important as each has a different level of importance for our own businesses.

Now that I have the knowledge base of being a AAA Board member, I want to continue to represent those of you in Region 5. As your alternate, I have worked with other Members of our Board and Association on these important issues and I’d like to continue to work for you. What I will bring if you elect me is that I will be a communicator with the members of Region 5. I need to hear from you what is affecting you in the industry so that I can voice your thoughts at the board level, and able to bring your voice to the table. Whether it is in email or just a quick call to our Region 5 members, I will work at following up with you to get your thoughts and feedback, and enhance your communication between you, the AAA, and the AAA Board.

As your Director, I will continue to work to assure our Association represents the needs of all our Members. We need to ensure that all our members are represented from the smallest provider to the largest. We need to ensure that we as small and medium providers, who will get hit the hardest when bad legislation is passed by Congress or by CMS, that our voices are heard. .We need to continue to pursue fair reimbursement for the service that we provide, and we need to make sure that fair legislation is passed that affects us with our businesses at home. We need to accomplish this by having an engaged Director in the process, and one that knows and lives with our concerns. I ask that you again consider me to represent you, and hope that you will give me the opportunity to serve you as Region 5 Director on the AAA Board.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. The evolving changes in Federal Regulations that relate to EMS
2. CMS increasing audits upon providers
3. The increasing costs to provide emergency services and not being properly reimbursed for costs by Federal programs

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. To continue to work with CMS to have a voice on future regulations placed upon providers
2. To work with Congress to ensure that future legislation will not negatively impact providers
3. To work with CMS to increase reimbursements

JD Fuiten

Metro West Ambulance

Candidate Statement

My experience in urban and rural pre-hospital healthcare has given me a unique perspective of how our service is provided to a variety of communities. The “voice” of the American Ambulance Association and its’ members is comprised of hundreds of ambulance providers much like you and me. In my previous roles with the AAA as Secretary and Region V Director, I have made sure that each of you were heard before congress and other legislative bodies and I hope to have that opportunity again. As an independent provider, I have worked closely with the AAA and its’ membership to promote our industry’s issues to elected officials. As federal reimbursement has not kept pace with the sophistication of the delivery of emergency medicine in the field, members of the AAA have become more organized to lobby our elected officials and I look forward to again leading this effort. EMS is going through dramatic change and the organization I lead has in many ways successfully navigated these dynamic times. As the Region V Director I’d like to work with the AAA to motivate federal and private reimbursement mechanisms in the direction of paying providers who work with their healthcare partners to provide EMS in less costly and innovative ways. Ultimately, these providers are saving money for their patients, the government, and EMS partners. I look forward to the opportunity to serve the members of the AAA once again and am energized to engage our elected officials in meaningful conversations of how EMS is transitioning to meet the needs of the communities we are privileged to serve.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Reimbursement and transition from provider to supplier
2. Transitioning the paramedic to mobile healthcare and demonstrating value
3. Regulation and oversight

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Reimbursement
2. Assisting the Government in developing a mechanism to reimburse mobile paramedics
3. Providing workshops and trainings to create educated and skilled managers in EMS

Paul Pedersen

paul-pedersenManaging Partner
Arizona Ambulance Transport

Candidate Statement

I am a supporter of AAA. The AAA’s work in advocating for members helps to create an environment in which we members can provide the professional services our patients deserve. The AAA offers an excellent array of services to members which need to be promoted more.

Paul Pedersen is a graduate of the University of Arizona and holds a masters degree from St. Mary’s College of California. Pedersen is a 20 year veteran of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department in Tucson, retiring as a lieutenant. He retired as a lieutenant colonel from the U.S. Army Reserve. Pedersen has worked in the private sector managing the installation of public safety radio communications systems. He was the director of Clackamas County Oregon Communications Department and was general manager of Southern Arizona for the Rural/Metro Corporation. He has held board positions with the Red Cross in Tucson, Minneapolis and Portland, Oregon. He has also served as an instructor for numerous law enforcement training courses as well as the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Top 3 Issues in Emergency Healthcare

1. Reimbursement/funding
2. Changing healthcare systems/delivery
3. Recruitment & retention

Top 3 Priorities for AAA

1. Reimbursement/funding
2. Be a viable and recognized player in healthcare (and the changes therein)
3. Market member benefits

Ethics Committee Candidates

Thank you to the following candidates for the AAA Ethics Committee. Voters may select up to three.

  • Hanan Cohen – Empress EMS
  • Brent Dierking – NorthStar EMS, Inc.
  • John Iazzetta – Alert Ambulance Service, Inc.
  • Jay Jimenez – Allegiance Mobile Health
  • Robert Sims – Lifeguard Ambulance Service
  • Steven Vincent – Gold Cross EMS
  • Rebecca Williamson – Muskogee County EMS

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AAA 2016 Election Update

The 2016 AAA Election is going paperless! This year’s election will be held entirely online.

AAA 2016 Election Dates to Know

Please contact Aidan Camas at with any questions.

Staff Visit to Richmond Ambulance Authority

Last week, American Ambulance Association staff took a road trip south to tour the Richmond Ambulance Authority. Known across the country and around the world for their innovative approach to EMS, RAA certainly did not disappoint.

Thank you to Chip Decker, Rob Lawrence, Dan Fellows, Elizabeth Papelino, Danny Garrison, Dempsey Whit, Jason Roach, and the whole RAA team for the hospitality and generosity with their time!

American Ambulance Association and Journal of Emergency Medical Services Announce Collaboration

Press Release

For Immediate Release


Amanda Riordan
Membership Director
American Ambulance Association

A.J. Heightman, MPA, EMT-P
Journal of Emergency Medical Services

Baltimore, MD, February 25, 2016 – The American Ambulance Association (AAA) and the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) today announced a collaboration to bring robust content and educational offerings to AAA members in the emergency medical services (EMS) and medical transportation industry.

AAA members will now receive complimentary access to EMS Insider gated content covering key EMS topics for top-level decision-makers. Additionally, JEMS will provide in-depth journalistic coverage, as the exclusive media partner, of AAA’s events and initiatives, including the Stars of Life EMS personnel recognition program.

“We are excited to bring innovative EMS Insider content and high-quality event coverage to our members,” said American Ambulance Association executive vice president Maria Bianchi. “We look forward to working with the JEMS team to shine light on the AAA Stars of Life who do so much for their communities.”

JEMS is pleased to collaborate with the American Ambulance Association,” said A.J. Heightman, editor-in-chief of JEMS and EMS Insider. “AAA members are EMS leaders, and we look forward to providing additional content that will support their efforts to provide expert care to patients while driving operational excellence.”

To kick off the partnership, AAA will exhibit at EMS Today Conference and Exposition|The JEMS Conference 2016 in Baltimore, February 25–27, accompanied by top leaders from the member community. JEMS will in turn serve as the official media partner of AAA’s Stars of Life in Washington, D.C. April 11–13, bringing fresh visibility to the EMS heroes honored there. The collaboration will carry through the 2016 AAA Annual Conference and Tradeshow and EMS Today Conference and Exposition|The JEMS Conference 2017 in Salt Lake City, UT, with additional content and networking opportunities for AAA members to be developed over time. “This is just the beginning,” said JEMS’s A.J. Heightman.

About the American Ambulance Association (AAA)

Founded in 1979, the American Ambulance Association represents hundreds of ambulance services across the United States that participate in emergency and nonemergency care and medical transportation. AAA’s advocacy, member resources, educational offerings, and publications support excellence in pre-hospital care, an essential part of the public healthcare system.

About the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS)

As “The Conscience of EMS,” JEMS leads the industry in providing the EMS advanced provider, instructor and administrator with clinical breakthroughs, product reviews, continuing education and more. JEMS is backed by the strength of PennWell, a media and information company with 130 print and online magazines and newsletters, 60 conferences and exhibitions on six continents, and an extensive offering of books, maps, websites, research products, digital media, and database services.

About PennWell Corporation

Founded in 1910 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, PennWell Corporation is a privately held and highly diversified business-to-business media and information company that provides quality content and integrated marketing solutions for the following industries:  Oil and gas, electric power generation and delivery, hydropower, renewable energy, water and wastewater treatment, waste management, electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, optoelectronics, fiber-optics, aerospace and avionics, LEDs and lighting, fire and emergency services, public safety, and dental.

PennWell publishes over 130 print and online magazines and newsletters, conducts 60 conferences and exhibitions on six continents, and has an extensive offering of books, maps, websites, research and database services.  PennWell Public Safety, a PennWell business located in La Jolla, CA, produces public safety products and services including JEMS (Journal of Emergency Medical Services),, Law Officer Magazine, EMS Today Conference and Exposition, and other products.

In addition to PennWell’s headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Company has major offices in Nashua, New Hampshire; London, England; Houston, Texas; San Diego and Mountain View, California; Fairlawn, New Jersey; Moscow, Russia; and Hong Kong, China.

– END –

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2015 AAA Board of Directors Election Results

The winners of the 2015 AAA Board of Directors election are listed below. Please join us in thanking all candidates for their service to the American Ambulance Association.

Region I


James “Jim” McPartlon
Mohawk Ambulance Service

Alternate Director

Jonathan Washko
Assistant Vice President
North Shore – LIJ Center for EMS


Region II


Josef “Joe” Penner
Executive Director, Mecklenburg EMS


Alternate Director

Larry Wiersch
Chief Executive Officer
Cetronia Ambulance Corps


Region III


Wayne Jurecki
Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Bell Ambulance, Inc.

Alternate Director

Kimberly Godden
Vice President, Legal and Corporate Compliance
Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc.


Region IV


Douglas Hooten
Executive Director
Medstar Mobile Healthcare


Alternate Director

Daniel Gillespie
Vice President
Allegiance Ambulance


Region V


Shawn Baird
Co-Owner/Chief Operating Officer
Woodburn Ambulance Service, Inc.

Alternate Director

Chris Archuleta
Superior Ambulance Service, Inc.


Spotlight: Kathy Lester

Kathy Lester, MPH, JD
Washington, DC
Healthcare Consultant to AAA

Tell us a little about yourself, please.

I am from Indianapolis, Indiana.  I graduated from Warren Central High School, best known for being the high school of Jane Pauley and Jeff George.  My undergraduate degree is from DePauw University.  I had a double major in biology and English literature, with a minor in violin performance.  I also loved philosophy and political science course and was the editor-in-chief of the college newspaper.  I received my JD from Georgetown University Law Center and my Master of Public Health (MPH) from The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and Hygiene, now known as the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

After law school, I clerked on for The Honorable Michael S. Kanne on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.  I have also worked in all three branches of government.  In addition to the courts, I worked on the Hill for Sen. Richard G. Lugar (R-IN) and in the General Counsel’s Office at the Department of Health and Human Services.

My husband and I met while both working for Senator Lugar.  He retired from the Senate after 20+ years.  We have two children and are trying to succeed in having tropical fish survive for more than a few months.

When and how did you get involved with AAA?

I began working with the AAA several years ago when we began developed recommendations for a quality program.  I believe my first meeting with the group was in Las Vegas.

How do you help AAA?

Currently, I assist on the public policy issues.  This includes working with the Congress to protect the add-ons, as well as develop payment reforms to create stability for Medicare rates.  I help to draft materials for the Hill and legislative language.  As part of this effort, I help with developing more comprehensive Medicare reform recommendations.  I also assist with the regulatory agenda and engage with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and other federal agencies.  In addition, I continue to work on quality structural and measurement issues.

What is your typical day like?

Unpredictable and fun!  My days vary greatly.  I can find myself on the Hill or driving to Baltimore to meet with CMS.  I also spend a lot of time talking with AAA members and the staff team.

What are the biggest challenges you foresee for our industry?Any tips or last thoughts?


It is more important than ever to understand the cost of services and to be able to articulate why these services are necessary.

[/quote_left]All of healthcare is at a crossroads.  While federal policymakers have successfully reduced spending in the Medicare program, the focus for the foreseeable future will be how to reduce the cost of providing services.  It is more important than ever to understand the cost of services and to be able to articulate why these services are necessary.

For ambulance providers and suppliers in particular, there is great promise in the innovative payment models, because they would most likely recognize the high quality of health care services provided by ambulance providers and suppliers.  However, there is also the potential that ambulance services could become subordinate to larger provider organizations.  As this debate unfolds, it is critically important that data drive any reforms and that the industry look carefully at how programs such as value-based purchasing, the Medicare quality reporting programs (facility compare websites and the five star rating programs), and coordinated/integrated care models have worked for other Medicare providers.  At the end of the day, ambulance providers and suppliers need to understand their care and cost models and articulate use these data points to develop meaningful and sustainable reform options.

The AAA is Calling for Nominations

The AAA has officially released its 2015 call for nominations.  This year, the AAA is looking for candidates to fill the position of Regional Director.  All 5 regions currently have at least one opening.

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Katrina & Rita: Share Your Story

As we approach the ten year anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, AAA is working to gather the stories of the many members who rallied to assist in these crises.

Do you have a memory, photo, or video you would like to share with the ambulance service community? If so, please complete the brief form below, and we will add your story to our retrospective.

All content contributors will be entered into a raffle for a free registration to AAA’s 2016 Stars of Life.

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