2017 Candidates for the AAA Ethics Committee

(Voters will be allowed to select up to four candidates)

Deb Bode – (Region 3)
Billing Manager
Lifeline Ambulance LLC.

Why would you like to participate?

As the landscape of EMS continues to change and expand in this country, we have seen major shifts in our industry. From delivering care to reimbursement challenges, our industry will need to continue to drive forward to ensure we continually stay afront of this and in doing so, we need leaders who will ensure qualities of integrity, value and ethics in all we do. I would like to move into a role within the AAA that allows me to pursue those values and ethics I hold close. This opportunity would allow that for me. I am currently involved with the Education Committe and Non-Emergent Task Force and want to move to expand my involvement. I am hopeful that I can be a contributing factor within the AAA and the industry in general. I believe that it is only through trusted leadership and integrity that we can push EMS into the forefront nationally and this committee sets the foundation for us all. I am confident that I can be a contributing factor to this committee.

Jamie Chebra – (Region 1)

Why would you like to participate?

I believe that technology and healthcare outpace ethical guidance. It is for that reason, I feel that the sustainment and empowerment of ethics committees are the future of healthcare ethics. I feel as though I have gained some experience in ethical decision-making and provide some guidance as well as learn from the committee on how ethical decision making can be operationalized in a rapidly changing and fast-paced EMS world.


Ken Morris – (Region 3)
Executive Vice President
Life EMS Ambulance

Why would you like to participate?

I am the Executive Vice President and an original paramedic of the Life E.M.S. Ambulance team who helped grow an idea into reality. I have a long history of E.M.S. involvement, starting as a volunteer fire fighter, ambulance driver, EMT, paramedic and for the last 30 years as a leader/executive.

My personal growth has been possible through dedication to the fundamental values of honesty, integrity and respect. These core values have been critical in my own success and that of Life EMS, which has grown from 7 employees in 1980 to now over 500.

I would now like the opportunity to apply my EMS leadership experience through the involvement with the American Ambulance Association. I feel I can be instrumental in supporting the mission of AAA and thus furthering the industry’s image of excellence as leaders in community care and transportation.

Michael Pieroni – (Region 3)
Director of Operations
MedEx Ambulance Service

Why would you like to participate?
I have more than 30 years of experience as a medic and an ambulance service owner. I am a medical claims biller as well and have worked in HR for years. I would like to share that experience and help this committee.

James “Jim” Winham – (Region 4)
Chief Operating Officer
Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA)

Why would you like to participate?
Ethics can mean a wide range of things. It can encompass all aspects of EMS conduct. I stand for doing the right thing for the right reasons at the right time. I have studied and instructed military ethics as an Officer in the US Army National Guard and continue so in the EMS profession. I am passionate about learning and exploring moral principles that govern a person’s behavior and hope to be able to help the EMS profession develop standards that help guide one’s activity in doing the right thing for the right reason.