FERNO In 2020

Wilmington, Ohio

FERNO is the global leader in pre-hospital emergency care solutions serving emergency services, fire rescue, mortuary, industrial safety, police, and the United States military. We serve more than 100 countries and have partnered with services, caregivers, safety and regulatory agencies, and customers globally to create a new vision for the delivery of emergency care. FERNO is committed to modernizing EMS systems by integrating products that maximize safety for caregivers and patients alike.

To support our customers across the globe during the pandemic, FERNO leveraged long-standing partnerships to help promote safety for front-line healthcare workers. FERNO products such as the Cot Patient Shield, Oxygen & Airway products, ventilator parts, hand sanitizer, face shields and other PPE became more important than ever to front-line EMS. Partnering with VRpatients for online virtual EMS training has also addressed EMS staffing and training needs during COVID.

Other products in the FERNO portfolio such as evacuation stair chairs, stretchers, litters, litter arms and the iNTRAXX system have been heavily used to support hurricane and flooding evacuation efforts.

For more information, visit www.FernoEMS.com or call 877-733-0911 to learn more and help us transform emergency care.

Visit our website: https://www.fernoems.com

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