NHTSA: EMS Accessing PPE

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released a memo reinforcing the best methods for EMS agencies to request PPE supplies:

  • The preferred method of EMS agencies to obtain PPE is via ordering through the normal supply distribution chains from which they normally order EMS supplies and equipment. The supply chain distributors are becoming more stable in their access to PPE components. In addition, in the near future, Boundtree will have available a larger supply of N95 NIOSH Tested/Approved respirators for purchase, which EMS can tap into
  • PPE push at the national level is not possible without a Resource Request from the States. Local EMS agencies should work with their local emergency management agency with requests pushed up to the state emergency management agency or for EMS PPE Resource Requests where there are still elevated (albeit decreasing or stabilizing) COVID-19 cases. Once those formal Resouce Requests are received at the federal level,
    they will be reviewed and acted upon.

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